Mitsubishi L200 2024. The brand new generation is almost ready

Mitsubishi L200 2024. The brand new generation is almost ready

The Mitsubishi L200 is one of the classics in the transportation segment. After many years, the Japanese brand is finally betting on the newest generation of this model. Cars with the final body have already hit the road.

The truck segment in Europe has undergone major changes. One of the leaders, the Nissan Navara, has disappeared from the Old Continent. So now the battle is between the new generation Volkswagen Amarok, its twin Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux. Isuzu and SsangYong also contribute their three cents. Soon, however, the podium can be won completely new generation Mitsubishi L200.

After years of modernizing the old design, the Japanese focused on developing this car from scratch. This means not only a change in the shape itself, but above all the first of many new technologies.

Mitsubishi L200 2024. Bigger, better, more efficient

The biggest change to the new L200 will be its dimensions. The car has grown significantly, which means a bigger bag and a more spacious cabin. The entire frame has been designed from the ground up not only for loading, but also for driving characteristics.

This means that the Mitsubishi L200 can be a very attractive proposition. More so that under the hood there will be diesel engines connected to a smooth hybrid system. In this regard, a brand with a diamond in its logo must be in line with competitors offering high-end power units.

The new Mitsubishi L200 will also be more attractive

A range of new Mitsubishi models (not offered in Europe) will make their debut here. Split headlamps and a large grille are features that will make the L200 stand out from the crowd. It is also worth noting the raised character of the glass on the rear doors – this is a detail that has been preserved for several generations.

Many changes will also take place in the cabin. There is nothing to expect from quality materials, but we can count on better multimedia, better dashboard and, most likely, digital indicators.

The Mitsubishi L200 will be offered in several versions – from the classic “single cab” to a well-equipped cab. This first edition will please many dealers with all kinds of services, actively choosing such cars.

The official debut of the new L200 should take place in the middle of next year. The car will go to the showrooms around 2024.