Mitsubishi proposes a joint venture for the development of a new fighter of Italy, Japan and the UK

Mitsubishi proposes a joint venture for the development of a new fighter of Italy, Japan and the UK

A new generation fighter aircraft covered by the agreement Global Combat Air Program (Gcap) between Italy, Japan and the UK it can be jointly developed, and produced in more than one country. This was told to the newspaper “Nikkei” by officials of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MIH), the first Japanese partner of the program announced this month by the governments of the three countries.

Mih, Bae Systems and Leonardo are looking for a balance between efficiency and equality, and according to the Japanese community, a unified structure can be the best solution to coordinate the work of the three countries and their suppliers. “It makes sense to go down this path if everyone gives the money as equal partners,” Misashi Morita, operations manager and chief engineer of defense and aerospace systems at Mih, told the newspaper. “It is easier to manage money when one public organization and one private institution are dealing,” the executive added. According to “Nikkei”, the common language of the project will be English, and several British and Italian officials have already visited Mih’s development office in Nagoya, Japan. The newspaper also quotes Defense Minister Guido Crosetto, who in a recent interview explained how Italy is asking for an equal role within the project, with three shares of 33 percent for each country involved.

The heads of government of Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom announced in early December the launch of the International Aerospace Defense Program to develop a new generation of fighter jets by 2035. Through the program, the three countries aim to “further develop our long-term . -an enduring defense relationship”, to accelerate “our advanced military capabilities and technological edge, strengthen our defense cooperation, science and technology cooperation, integrated supply chains, and further strengthen our defense industrial base “. The plan “will generate many economic and industrial benefits, supporting jobs in Italy, Japan and the UK. It will attract R&D investment in digital design and advanced manufacturing processes”, building “the foundation for global security, stability and prosperity for decades to come”.

According to the developments disseminated in recent months, the agreement will involve the development of a new generation stealth aircraft based on the Typhoon program, with future capabilities such as unmanned flight, the use of hypersonic and guided weapons, the use of groups of the plane. drones and evasion of modern radar systems. The three partners will aim to involve Sweden and India later. The UK Ministry of Defense signed a £250m contract last year to develop the Tempest, which is due to enter service in 2035, to replace Italy’s and UK’s Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft.

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