Mitsubishi sells paper mill in Flensburg | – News

Mitsubishi sells paper mill in Flensburg | – News

Status: 01/30/2023 3:11 pm

The Flensburg paper mill appears to be getting a new owner: Japanese company Mitsubishi Paper Mills announced on its website today that investment firm Quantum Capital Partners from Munich would like to take over the mill.

The plan envisages the Flensburg paper mill becoming an independent company in the first half of 2023 and then being sold to a subsidiary of Quantum. Mitsubishi had already announced last August that it wanted to abandon the Flensburg plant – among other things because of the sharp rise in energy prices.

Since then, it has been unclear to the more than 200 employees if and how things will proceed. The paper mill workers have not yet been informed by Mitsubishi about the sale. “The most important thing for me is that a buyer has been found,” said member of the labor council, Vanessa Wippich.

The paper mill in the city center of Flensburg has existed for more than 300 years.

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