Mitsubishi shareholders want Evo back

Mitsubishi shareholders want Evo back

Mitsubishi, who remembers it? Three red diamonds immediately stood for quality, playfulness and speed on any ground. This was due to the branding events at the Paris Dakar Rally, but the actual work only began in the 1990s. With the Galant VR-4 and later the first Lancer Reform, Mitsubishi began a story period in a public meeting.

Between 1996 and 1999, Evo even won the WRC four times in a row. These achievements were demonstrated in the exhibition room: in addition to Evo, you can get your game volume with Eclipse, FTO and 3000 GT and special versions of Colt and Galant. Ralliart protest department stickers were also in high demand among people with Carisma 1.6.

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Tommi Mäkinen’s edition celebrated four WRC titles.

mad SUV

More than twenty years later, there is nothing left of the Mitsubishi image. They no longer wear sports models: Evo has been dead since 2016. In fact, even the average Lancer is no longer outside China and Taiwan. Because of the old variety of boring hybrid SUVs and production scandals, the brand has even lost its independence. Today, Mitsubishi is part of the Renault-Nissan.

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Ralliart revival

To eliminate the unknown brand, new life has been offered to the Ralliart unit. The doors of the automotive sports department were already closed in 2010, but under the new plans, Mitsubishi must again be a player in the conference. However, they do, how could it be otherwise, with hybrid SUVs. In addition, Ralliart will offer a number of cosmetic repair packages for models such as Eclipse Cross and Outlander PHEV.

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drive halo

For people with money, however, it is not enough to cancel a Ralliart label. Mitsubishi Shareholders answers at a June 23 meeting he openly asked about reviving the Lancer Reform. The argument behind this is simple: without Evo, Mitsubishi has lost its identity, which was a major factor in the slow disappearance of the brand it once boasted.

With ‘halo-car’ like Evo, Mitsubishi can put itself back on the map. The new Evolution makes driving Mitsubishi cool again, so that in theory the sales of duller models will increase. And that means more profit for shareholders.

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You want to, you can’t

Mitsubishi Motors president Takao Kato is keen to meet demand, but says the brand is currently too weak for that kind of sustainability. At this time, the goal is to identify more electronic models: “Electricity supply needs a big budget for development and the company is not yet strong enough, we have suffered huge losses in the last financial year, first bring the company back to life, then bring cars to market where waiting fans want to do it.

Chicken and egg

This brings us to some kindchicken and eggMyth: Without Evo, it would be hard to make a brand healthy, and without a brand to be healthy, there is no place for Evo. With this, Kato indicates that no Eclipse Cross or Mustang Mach E-play will be performed on the name plate. Hybrid software or Electronic Reform in the BMW i4 model may still be an option.

In early 2005, Mitsubishi introduced the Evo Electronics and MIEV Concept. With four-wheel-drive engines, the car produced a total of 200 kilowatts (270 hp) and 2072 torque of torque. A new version with 2021 technology may not be a bad move for Mitsubishi. One time EV solution (ha) The Japanese can kill two birds with one stone: sports, but electricity. Although perhaps it is better for lovers in that case that style is left alone.

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The Concept of Lancer MIEV, 2005.