Mitsuoka Viewt story: Toyota Yaris and Jaguar Mk2 in the mix

Mitsuoka Viewt story: Toyota Yaris and Jaguar Mk2 in the mix

Fans of Japanese automotive curiosity are of course aware of Mitsuoka’s existence. Mitsuoka has been wrapping rear wagons around Nissan and Toyota models for years and has had the Jaguar-like Nissan Micra on its portfolio with the Viewt for decades. That is changing. This is a new Mitsuoka Viewt Story. That’s not a Micra, it’s a Toyota Yaris!

The Japanese manufacturer cloned the Viewt from the top-of-the-line, Nissan Micra (K11) in the early 1990s, transforming it into a modern sedan with a strong Jaguar influence. The concept turned out to be good. In 2005 Mitsouka came up with the new Viewt, at that time based on the Nissan Micra (K12). Seven years later, the Viewt made way for a new retro model based on the previous generation Nissan Micra which not only looked like a sedan, but also got a hatchback version. The Mitsuoka Viewt has to leave the field and the Micra also goes in the trash as a base. This is the new Story of Mitsuoka Viewt, Toyota Yaris!

The Story of Mitsuoka Viewt

Mitsuoka Viewt’s story, like its predecessors, is a sympathetic Frankenstein. Mitsuoka overhauls the entire front end of the Toyota Yaris, with new side skirts, new bonnet and headlights and a grille that, like the previous Concept, is clearly inspired by cars like the Jaguar Mk1 and Mk2. Even the chrome bumpers are part of the Mitsuoka party. Its new muzzle makes the View Story almost 7 centimeters longer than the original. Mitsuoka affixes a wavy chrome strip to the sides and places the Yaris on standard-looking wheels.

The rear of the Mitsuoka View is as unique as the front. Mitsuoka replaces the Yaris’ large taillights with simple round ones. The areas where the rear lights were are still clearly visible. Modifications in the interior are very light. Mitsuoka gives the Viewt Story a beige upholstery seat and also finishes the dashboard in that color.

The story of the Mitsuoka Viewt is not the only recent Toyota that has been transformed by Mitsuka. For example, Mitsuoka introduced the Buddy in 2020, a RAV4 with a nose like a Chevrolet Suburban from about forty years ago. In the form of the Himiko, Mitsuoka also has a basic MX-5 roadster on offer. The Mitsuoka Viewt Legend costs around €21,500 in Japan.