Model name XM: Citroen and BMW agree

Model name XM: Citroen and BMW agree

BMW and Citroen have agreed on the XM model name. The Munich-based company will likely use the acronym for super sports SUV.

On November 18, BMW released a concept car called XM Concept via Instagram. This is a stand-alone SUV model from the sporty sub-brand M, which has no civilian equivalent in the BMW portfolio.

Now we don’t even want to look into the question of oversized kidneys or whether the world needs another supersport SUV. Instead, we asked ourselves what Citroen actually thought of the project. Not because Munich people always pray for the blessing of France, but because from 1989 to 2000, Citroen’s model name “XM” adorned upper-middle-class models.


Between 1989 and 2000, the XM was Citroen’s mid-to-upper-level model.

not afraid of chaos

At the request of Auto and Sport, the Stellantis brand informed us, a trust exchange with BMW and a gentleman’s agreement was reached in the process. As far as the French are concerned, they are planning to offer a model made up of the letter “X” and a number – the C5 X. When it comes to Xs and numbers, BMW has a say in the matter. “The name (XM) has meaning for any brand and will not cause confusion, as Citroen models and BMW concepts cannot be compared in terms of their expressive possibilities. The Citroen XM will always be an iconic car, winning the 1990 Car of the Year award. And it’s still in the public’s mind today,” a spokesperson explained.

BMW XM: A monster SUV with giant kidneys and 750 PHEV PS

BMW XM V8 Hybrid


BMW’s comments on the matter were more sober. “Citroen has agreed that we can use the XM brand,” Munich said. not much. But, most importantly, there is no quarrel. After all, we also know completely different events. For example, Ford sued Ferrari for naming their Formula 1 car the F150. Unlikely to be confused with America’s best-selling pickup, the two manufacturers have historically had a strained relationship, going back to the 1960s. In this regard: congratulations to BMW and Citroen on the peace deal. There is another way.


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in conclusion

Citroen and BMW have agreed to use the XM model name.Munich wanted to bring a super sporty SUV, but was allowed Citroën combines the letter X with a number in its own models. It doesn’t always have to be a battle.

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