Modena, Maserati expands: green light from the Municipality

Modena, Maserati expands: green light from the Municipality

Modena, 27 May 2023 – Wow to be established maserati will expand further along the border and through San Giovanni Bosco, which will allow the company to continue research for the improvement of technology in the production of electric cars, with a positive impact on employment and the environment.

In fact, in last Thursday’s meeting the City Council unanimously approved the expansion of the Maserati factory through Ciro Menotti as a variant of the urban planning tools at a distance of less than 5 meters from the property boundary. The expansion project follows the one already approved in 2019 and includes the construction of a second part of the work aimed at reorganizing the existing buildings along the entire border through San Giovanni Bosco.

“It’s a small expansion – explained the urban planning commissioner Anna Maria Vandelli presenting a resolution – of more than 300 square meters and the current planning tool allows the remains of the ability to build in the sector. The element to be despised is actually the short distance from the border with respect to the one proposed by the planning bodies of the planned building, which would be consistent with the previous construction, also on the border. Considering the condition of the area and the fact that it is a closed road that ends against the railway and has no potential for future development, but which will have to be strengthened as area 30, we believe we can approve the request”.

The councilor then emphasized that “the evolution of vehicle technology and the introduction of electric engines involves new studies and experiments make new positions useful. Furthermore, since it is an intervention within the existing production area, the expansion is in line with policies to integrate the use of the area”.

The final plant expansion project was approved at the Service Meeting. In detail, the new building, intended to be a tool shop, will have an area of ​​154 square meters on the ground floor for storage, 134 on the first floor to be used as a testing room for electric vehicle equipment, while the second floor will be . includes a manufacturing roof and a room for technological systems. Three new charging stations for cars will be installed in the sector, 10 bicycle parking spaces will be created with a charging station and around fifty square meters of green space will be set aside by planting three tall trees.

Maserati also takes over electrical challenge: most future models will be offered in mild hybrid versions, with endothermic engines and powered only by batteries.