Monaco GP 2023 F1 (28/05/2023)

Monaco GP 2023 F1 (28/05/2023)

Motorsport fans are sharpening their teeth before the next Formula 1 race. This time the race will be held at the Monaco GP 2023. What should you know before this race?

Monaco GP 2023 F1 (28/05/2023)

The end of May should have been very intense for the fans and drivers of Formula 1. The reality, however, proved it a little. All because the doctor of Emilia-Romagna has been cancelled. This decision of the organizers was influenced by the difficult weather and water conditions in Italy. The matter was really serious, so it was decided that due to the safety of the players there should be no competition.

And that decision should be fully respected. Now we can focus on the upcoming races in F1 2023. Monaco Grand Prix 2023 is just around the corner. Indeed, there will be no more sensory deprivation.

At the outset, it is worth mentioning that the Monaco GP race will take place on May 28, 2023. We recommend all motorsport fans to save this date. It’s definitely worth taking the time to follow the competition in the elite ranks on the last Sunday of May.

It is surprising that the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix has such a rich history. The first edition of this competition in this country in 1929 was organized by Antony Noghes, a cigar maker and resident of Monte Carlo. This idea was supported by the then ruler Prince Louis II. It was he who created the organization “Automobile Club de Monaco”, of which Noghes was the first president.

The inaugural race in Monaco ended with a victory for William Grover-Williams, who competed in a Bugatti. After the 1950 race, when Juan Manuel Fango won, the Monaco Grand Prix was not held in the following years. The race did not return to the schedule until 1955.

After that, it was almost non-stop. Until the season of 2020. At that time, the organization of the competition was abandoned due to the coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately, a year later the drivers met again in Monaco and had the opportunity to compete for victory. Max Verstappen was the best at the time.

It is important to mention that the Circuit de Monaco is located in Monte Carlo. The length of the lap is 3,340 km. The number of laps to be covered by the drivers is 78. The total distance is 260.520 km.

Where to bet on Monaco GP 2023 – bets and odds

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2023 Monaco GP (F1 28/05/2023) – odds of favourites

Max Verstappen entered the F1 2023 cycle very well. This, however, probably does not surprise anyone. The Dutchman was very good last season and won the world championship. Now, however, he is doing a good job of maintaining his top form.

No wonder he is one of the favorites to win Formula 1 2023. He certainly has a very good chance to win Monaco. However, not only are its rates very high. Sergio Perez, who won in Monaco last year, can certainly make a big splash.

Of course, Carlos Sainz Jr. he can also do a lot. He finished second last season. The fastest lap was recorded by Lando Norris, while Charles Leclerc started the race from pole position.

So it can really be different. However, the illegals give Max Verstappen a greater chance of victory. The Dutchman has already proven that he can win in Monte Carlo. The first was in 2021.

  • Max Verstappen – 1.80
  • Sergio Perez – 4.50
  • Charles Leclerc – 7.00
  • Fernando Alonso – 8.00
  • Lewis Hamilton – 25.00
  • George Russell- 25.00

Monaco GP 2023 – when, when, what time is the race?

The Monaco Grand Prix will be held on May 28, 2023. What time is F1 Monaco scheduled to start? The race at the Monte Carlo circuit will start at 15:00.

In the dark, you can assume that the fight will give us a lot of emotions. Small details can decide on the final victory. Will Max Verstappen be first or will someone else be able to record victory at the Monaco Grand Prix? Time will prove everything.

Let’s emphasize once again that the Monaco Grand Prix will take place on May 28, so the last Sunday of May. The race will start at 15:00. It seems like the perfect time to watch the world’s best drivers compete. It’s going to happen!

Monaco GP 2023 – live results and broadcasts (where to watch?)

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Watch live

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The F1 race is upon us on 28 May 2023. Wondering where you can watch the action? Traditionally, we are in a hurry to answer this question, which comes back like a boomerang. Live broadcasts will appear on the Viaplay platform. It can be used on computers, modern TV sets, smartphones and tablets.

And where will you be able to follow Monaco F1 results? The results will be visible, among others, on the website and social profiles of Formula 1.