Money star: Dear Gemini, stop spending money unnecessarily

Money star: Dear Gemini, stop spending money unnecessarily

What do the stars have in store for your finances? Is it time to contribute or save? And what financial windfalls or obstacles can you expect? Astrologer Nathalie tells you.

This is your money horoscope from Saturday April 29 to Friday May 5, 2023.


At work you know how to avoid annoying tasks and take a more business-like approach to ‘labour of love, waste paper’. And you are right, the sun rises for free. Someone who tries to use you because of it will not get a job for nothing. You should also be tougher now in the financial field. Also to yourself. Because dear Gemini, stop spending money unnecessarily!


You want to achieve more in your work, so there is a good chance that you will soon start a new study or enroll in an important course. It’s also a good idea to check (or not) local job vacancies or ask your employer about possible job opportunities. Financially, now you can meet a good business and a purchase, rental or employment contract can be signed. In general, positive changes are coming.


You enjoy your work and cooperation in the workplace is excellent. There is a possibility that you can also meet your partner outside of working hours to do something together or talk about the possibility of cooperation in another area. Thanks to your own imagination, now you can save a lot of money and maybe even invest in a successful project. Are you creative or good at certain tasks? So now you can also get a good bonus with this.


The more challenging your job is, the more you love it. You’ve finished routine tasks for a while and are open to more motivational stimuli. Because you are well-informed, you will handle these new tasks very well and you will be left wanting more. Financially you are on the right track. No late bills (anymore), you spend less, you can save more and you can receive good news about tax authorities or insurance issues.


At work you are given more responsibility or consciously or unconsciously you take more responsibility for yourself. However, you continue to consult well with your colleagues. Your manager is also increasingly seeing how good you are at your job. Keep up the good work and there is a good chance that you will soon be invited to an interesting conversation. Financially, you are sensitive to good promises about making money quickly. Be careful with this. If it were so easy, everyone would do it.


Even though the work keeps piling up, you don’t let it drive you crazy and you know how to get rid of all the work quickly and beautifully. Where before you took work home with you, now you can easily separate this from your personal life. You are more careful with spending money. Even though you still love to buy everything, now you wait for a sale to appear and compare prices more. Now you even enjoy buying the best things at the lowest prices.


Even though the bar is currently very high and your colleagues complain about the strict policy in place, you are completely in your element and happy that you can finally show what you can do. The results you get are therefore above average. Maybe it’s time to promote? Dare to ask! Financially, this is a good time to review all your accounts and see where you can save money.


Don’t give up if you feel like you’re not getting enough compliments about your work. Even without saying anything, others see that you are good at what you do. Of course, a little gratitude is good from time to time, but you can also think: no news, good news. On a financial level, it is important to look more at the long term. What do you want to save for, how much do you want to save and when do you want to reach your goal (to save)? Organizing everything and keeping track of what you put aside is motivation.


If you’re self-employed, you can get a great deal now. If you work as an employee, you will achieve good results for your employer that will be very happy. If communication with your supervisor has been good lately, this is now improving. Financially, you are in good shape and you will make sure it stays that way. You don’t spend a penny and try to make the most of everything. Bargain hunting, browsing, everything goes well for you.


Now you have gained a lot of experience, which means that others often ask you for advice. You will also meet new people with whom you seem to have a good connection and who fit well into your business network. Keep these addresses warm. You will be able to benefit from this before too long. Financially, it is no longer an unnecessary luxury to invest in good equipment. Consider a computer, tablet or phone.


If you are looking for a job, now is a good time to apply. If you already have a job, a big step forward can be expected. Everything related to your work is improved this week. Financially, it is not a bad idea to visit a bank for a loan or mortgage. If you don’t need it because you already have something going on, there may be ways to reduce your current expenses.


Everything at work is going according to plan. You are not shy from the tasks you have to do and communication with others is going well. Something you’ve wanted for a long time, but it wasn’t sold anywhere, now it’s just coming. If it’s old, vintage or vintage, visit thrift stores now. There is a good chance that the product of your dreams will be in the store at a good price.