More power to the “lower class”

More power to the “lower class”

A look at the BMW brand
More power to the “lower class”

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With the new X1, the manufacturer is offering four different drive concepts in the compact segment for the first time. The next generation X2 and 1 Series may adopt the same technology setup.

The third generation BMW X1 SUV will be launched in October.

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By the end of 2025, BMW wants to have two million BEVs on the road. An ambitious goal. So far, only about a fifth of this has been “processed”. The i3 made the biggest contribution with about 250,000 units, whose production was discontinued at the end of June.

Bayern have more than three years to reach the two million mark. But in Munich they are very confident. The reason for this is likely to be the model that will be launched this fall and will contribute significantly to Stromer’s sales volume: the iX1.

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The third generation is coming in October

The third generation of the compact SUV with the development brief U11 will be launched in October and is also available in a battery-electric version for the first time. On the inside, the iX1 is considered the successor to the i3, even if it has almost nothing in common with this amazing city car, except for the type of car.

But iX1 does not polarize, its structure is molecular-parallel. As an SUV with a length of 4.50 meters, it meets the general taste, its package is more family-friendly, and its performance and range are greater. So BMW dealers estimate that around a third of buyers worldwide are opting for the X1’s electric drive. Twelve percent will depend on the plug-in mix. Combustion engines should come together up to 57 percent (41 percent gasoline, 16 percent diesel).

Distance up to 440 km

Under the sheet metal of the iX1 is already the 5th generation of the BMW E-Drive system, electric motors are reduced to high efficiency, do without magnets and therefore without rare earth. From November, BMW will initially present an electric SUV as the X-Drive 30 with an output of 230 kW/313 hp.

A slightly weaker, front-wheel drive S-Drive 25 will follow next year. The M-Class could add the iX1 X-Drive M40 to the range. BMW specifies the range of the 64.7 kWh battery as up to 440 kilometers in the WLTP cycle.

Various variants to choose from

The technical basis of the new X1 is FAAR (front-wheel drive architecture) and the acronym WE (further development). The platform fulfills BMW’s slogan “The Power of Choice”. This means that the customer can choose between diesel, petrol, 48-volt hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fully electric drive.

To be able to respond as easily as possible to the needs in different markets, BMW allows all variants of the X1 to come off the same assembly line. There will again be an extended version (U12) of the X1 for China, but this will be built in Tiexi. The market launch is planned for 2023.

2024: Second generation X2

BMW will probably present the second generation X2 (within the U10) in the following year. The more developed FAAR will also allow for a fully electric drive in the future, similar to that of the iX1. It might sound like the X2 should only be available as the iX2. However, BMW did not want to confirm this.

It was also unclear if a fully electric drive was planned for the 2 Series Active Tourer (U06), which was released at the end of 2021 as the first representative of FAAR-WE (photo design). Technically, at least, this shouldn’t be a problem. However, the expected amount may not be enough for BMW’s strategists. One reason why the 2 Series will be discontinued as the longest-wheelbase Gran Tourer at the end of this year.

2025: Series 1 All Electric

The last compact model on the list of innovations is the current 1 Series F40. The hatchback model debuted in 2019. At that time, BMW switched from rear-wheel drive to front-wheel drive and was still reluctant to electrify. Neither plug-in hybrids nor full electronics are available.

In the next generation’s expected release year of 2025, things should look different. The electrical I1 is only needed as quickly as the other volume model. Not only to reach the two million mark, but also to fulfill the promise of 2030. BMW then wants to let at least 50 percent of its models leave the assembly line like the Stromer.

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