Most Snowpack Levels Across Wyoming Above 100 Percent

Most Snowpack Levels Across Wyoming Above 100 Percent

Most Snowpack Levels Across Wyoming Exceed 100 Percent

Residents of Wyoming are rejoicing as the majority of the state’s snowpack levels are reported to be above 100 percent. This is a remarkable feat, given the usually dry conditions of the region.

Various sources of data, including the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s (NRCS) Snow Telemetry (SNOTEL) system, have been utilized in order to assess snowpack levels throughout the state. The SNOTEL system, which has been in operation for over 40 years, is a network of automated weather monitoring stations, located in remote, high-elevation sites in the Western United States.

The NRCS released data from the SNOTEL system, which indicates that snowpack levels in Wyoming are currently at an impressive 106 percent of the median snowpack, with levels ranging between 92 and 139 percent of the median snowpack in the various regions throughout the state.

This is not only good news for the state, but also for the local communities, as the elevated snowpack levels have a direct, positive impact on their water supplies. As the snow melts, it will replenish the reservoirs and other water sources, which should bolster the economy of the region.

Additionally, with such high levels of snowpack, recreational activities, such as skiing and snowmobiling, should also benefit, as the winter season is extended, giving locals and visitors more opportunities to enjoy the snow.

Ultimately, these higher-than-normal snowpack levels are a welcome change for the region, and should provide much-needed relief for the state and its citizens.