MotoE / Le Mans: Torres opens the era of Ducati, the show of Ferrari |  FormulaPassion – Motorcycle

MotoE / Le Mans: Torres opens the era of Ducati, the show of Ferrari | FormulaPassion – Motorcycle

Race 1, Torres first winner of the Ducati era. The Ferrari disaster

The French Grand Prix has officially started not only the world championship MotoE 2023but also for a new era of Ducatiwhich from this year, until 2026, will be the sole distributor V21L for all nine teams participating in the top international category of motorcycles powered by electric motors. The season that started immediately with the sign of Matthew Ferrari, author of the first pole position and the fastest lap in the race. Two results that seemed to launch the Italian rider of the Gresini team to the finish line of victory, which however disappeared four laps from the checkered flag by one. to fall in turn 7, one of many that happened during the inaugural test at Le Mans. The Spanish took advantage of that opportunity Hector Garzò and Jordi Torres, the protagonists of a good fight that continued until the last round. Finally, the two-time world champion in 2020 and 2021 emerged victorious, and graduated as such. the first winner of the Ducati era in front of his compatriot. Excellent results also with Dynavolt Intact and Randy Krummenacherwith the Swiss winning the podium in his first ever appearance in the category.

Race 2: Ferrari’s best redemption

In addition to zero in the standings, Ferrari also had to deal with the decision of the Race Direction, which approved him and Long Lap Penalty considering the 2nd race to fall under the yellow flag in the previous round. However, a setback that did not please the 2019 world champion, the real protagonist and ruler of the final race at Le Mans. The speed of the 26-year-old player from Cesena was certainly greater than that of the two chasers formed by Garzò and Torres, so much so that they could not protect the first two positions obtained after the penalty ended. and Ferrari. Despite dropping back to third place, the latter quickly regained the lead, crossing the finish line first and setting up a great race, again with Torres in 2nd ahead of his compatriot.

Next appointment

Despite the last irony, Torres can still console himself not only with the victory of race 1, but also above all with the leadership of the championship due to the deterioration of a total of 45 points, nine more than those collected by Garzò and a gap of 20. points ahead of Ferrari, betrayed by an accident in race 1. With this result, MotoE is now packing its bags to follow MotoGP on Mugellowhere Italian Grand Prix from 9 to 11 June.

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