MotoGP 2025 – Ducati had to go back / MotoGP

MotoGP 2025 – Ducati had to go back / MotoGP

Ducati is also at the top of the World Championship for Drivers and Constructors this season. But there can no longer be any dominant discourse. In Texas, athletic director Mauro Grassilli talked about a new old plan.

It wasn’t that long ago that the Bologna manufacturer’s situation in the MotoGP paddock was very good, if not luxurious. Two full factory machines with the more powerful Pecco Bagnaia, with two more factory machines in the hands of Pramac Racing and another razorback world championship contender Jorge Martin. With four more bikes for the 2023 World Cup winners there are always good pilots.

Important point: At the end of 2023, Ducati was also one step ahead of the competition in terms of technology. Although the current athletes could not be touched, Desmosecici’s private pilots like Fabio Di Giannantonio were also able to drive ahead of the rest of the competition. Although KTM and Aprilia were visible, there was no serious threat to Bologna’s dominance at the front.

In this case it was easy to lean out a little. Ducati Corse boss Gigi Dall’Igna made the option clear several times during the winter and spring to focus on two more customer teams for the 2025 season. Ducati is not just throwing the MotoGP project out of its hands either. There is no shortage of workers in Bologna, especially after the departure of several important technicians (Alberto Giribuola went to Red Bull KTM as an electronics expert; Massimo Bartolini joined Yamaha). It seemed like a good plan to direct the strategy to a total of three teams and accept the loss of one team without risking dominance at the top. Because even with four factory and two customer machines, Ducati would still have a high starting position.

But by 2024 the important point has changed. Desmosedici’s technological leadership has collapsed. If one were to refer only to the GP of Texas, one would have to talk about the best balance. Because the cheeky Acosta and Austrian technology and, above all, the invincible Maverick ViƱales had the entire Ducati lineup under control. But alarm bells must have been ringing in Borgo Panigale weeks ago. Although victories were still in order in the first two races, the European championship was already hanging on the back of GP24 in Qatar and Portugal.

When the managers in Bologna realized how close the competition was and there were at least discussions between Pramac and other manufacturers to explore future prospects, everything had to be done to at least keep the team of Paolo Campinoti’s first customers. After Jorge Martin’s clear signs that he will no longer work for the Pramac Championship in 2025, Ducati took care of the equipment. The promising Fermin Aldeguer came to Bologna for two years with more options and was already given the Pramac team in Portimao.

The ultimate proof of a new, old strategy in Austin. Mauro Grassilli, the successor of the sports management legend Paolo Ciabatti, who had moved to the off-road camp, rarely left the Ducati Lenovo cage at the beginning of the season. But in Texas the words are clear. Grassilli confirmed that they would like to continue as usual in 2025 and that there will be no reason to part with any of the excellent partners.

The wind picked up at the front of the MotoGP field and Ducati knows it will need a full squad to defend its first place in the paddock.

However, Pramac Racing’s choice to extend the partnership for another two years has yet to be confirmed. Although Pramac received the promise of two factory machines with Fermin Aldeguer as a future dowry, negotiations are still ongoing in the executive council. The fact that this is mainly about budget building blocks does not need any predictors.

Undoubtedly, Ducati as a manufacturer will continue to be a strong pillar of the paddock. Management has already taken steps to demonstrate the numerical advantage on the MotoGP grid. There are also few doubts about the technology’s potential. Despite the scarcity of resources, Gigi Dall’Igna is certainly not shy to implement more creativity.

Ducati Corse’s longtime mastermind has entered the next phase of his career. Apart from the efforts to defend against Aprilia and KTM in the short term, it is already important to define the correct basis for the new regulations from 2027. At the latest when there is some kind of technical restart for all the manufacturers involved, Ducati will have to put itself in the spotlight again against of the whole world.