Motorhome stolen: value of approximately 60,000 euros

Motorhome stolen: value of approximately 60,000 euros

Police are investigating the complete burglary of a three-year-old Fiat motor home. Photo: Police

a scratch. Between Thursday and Saturday, September 8 and 10, unknown persons stole a Fiat mobile home from Niermannsweg. Police are appealing for tips from witnesses.

At noon on Saturday, September 10, 65-year-old Erkrather called the police after realizing his RV had been stolen. The man said that he had parked the car at Niermannsweg in Unterfeldhaus in house number 9 in the parking lot there.

The last sighting of the three-year-old partially fused model “Sun Living S75” was around 2pm on Thursday afternoon. When he returned to the parking lot around 2:45 pm Saturday afternoon, the motorhome was gone.

The current market value is said to be around 60,000 euros. So far, the Erkrath police have no complete clues about the thief or thieves of the car and where the Fiat S75 Sun Living was stolen. Criminal proceedings and further investigative measures were initiated, and the car was put out for international manhunt.

Erkrath Police Department, on 02104 9480 6450, is accepting information about suspicious persons or vehicles as well as other inquiries that may be related to crime, as well as information about the current location and location of the mobile home being sought.