Movies and Television.  How did the Citroen DS start thanks to Fantomas?

Movies and Television. How did the Citroen DS start thanks to Fantomas?

The second part of the trilogy after Fantomas, released in 1964 and before Fantomas vs. Scotland Yard, released in 1967, Fantomas was released and has its place in successful French comedies.

Daring stunts

Bold for its time, Fantomas Goes Unleashed involves many stunts, which are not dangerous.

Fandor’s exploits require epic aerial stunts and involve many perils, many of which were unprecedented in 1960s cinema.

In particular, we see for the first time the free fall scene produced by the “flying man” photographer Jean-Jacques Dubourg.

Louis de Funès stuntman

This then required a series of training sessions over Fayence airfield.

Remember that one of the events will be done by Louis de Funès himself, who then flew his first parachute, at the age of 53.

But another event will remain in the memories of the audience. A special effects event that will give wings to the Citroën DS.

DS flies away

In the final scene of Fantômas se unleashes, the DS of Fantômas is pursued by the police of Louis de Funès.

But against all odds, the car has wings that wrap around its body, at the push of a button.

Fantomas runs off and disappears into space, spurred on by the small generators hidden in the rear bumper and his evil laugh.

What happened to the DS Volante?

The famous DS 19 aircraft of public enemy number 1, registered 2141 RT 75, was first registered by the PAC company, at 26 rue Marbeuf in Paris 8.

Nothing could be more logical, a company that specializes in movies. Then we discovered activity in 1966, the car was re-registered, still in Paris.

It appears that the car was resold, in its original form, without wings. According to experts, this DS then drove in Brittany.

It’s hard to find out much later, DS for sure…they’re gone.