MSC Cloppenburg was now training for the 2024 title / Speedway Team Cup

MSC Cloppenburg was now training for the 2024 title / Speedway Team Cup

MSC Cloppenburg now tested its drivers in public practice for the home race in the Speedway Team Cup, which will take place on Saturday, April 27 at the Motodrom in Boschstrasse.

The season opener at MSC Cloppenburg took place at the Speedway in the Emstekerfeld district of Cloppenburg in perfect conditions. Team manager Manfred Bäker and his new team manager Selina Schumacher had asked their team for the Speedway Team Cup to practice. Everyone came except Lukas Fienhage, who lives in France, has already run there and had to play a league match for his club this Saturday.

Bäker: “The race that Lukas took part in today in France was definitely a priority. But we are in regular contact with Lukas. After his bad accident in Scheeßel last year, he is back to his old form, so we can fully rely on him again. He takes the Team Cup race very seriously and, like his teammates, wants to bring the championship back to Cloppenburg.

With Janek Konzack and Danish Nicklas Aagaard, the Soeststadt team has added two promising young pilots to their squad. Aagaard started for Cloppenburg at STC two years ago. “I’m happy to be back in Cloppenburg,” said the Dane, “the track here is special, but on a good day anyone can beat anyone here, I’m looking forward to it.”

Konzack benefited from a good relationship with René Deddens and Matze Bartz: “The commitment to MSC Cloppenburg came through them. I am very happy to be able to start at the club because they work very professionally here.”

Team captain René Deddens enters his final season as a working driver. The 31-year-old is setting his sights as usual. “I want to be on the podium with the same feeling and the same passion as always. Like every year, the Cloppenburg race is important in my calendar and, as always, I am carefully preparing for it.

Of course, Jonny and Carl Wynant also want to show their best side in front of their home fans, friends and sponsors and get as many points as possible for their team.

Team boss Manfred Bäker will now deal with the emotions of the training session and then share his thoughts with the drivers.