MSC E-CEM: Antonello Bruno Re of Virtual Teodori

MSC E-CEM: Antonello Bruno Re of Virtual Teodori


How Fun Is Chronoscalate? May 26, 2023

The sixth round of the European Virtual Hill Climb Championship was organized in Ascoli Piceno which ended with the victory of the Paolino Teodori Cup and the Calabrese Antonello Bruno who on the Osella PA2000 Turbo climbed his two full and regular races, placing himself behind Manolo Polonioli at the top. Norma M20 FC and Giovanni Falci on the Osella PA2000 Turbo. A good fight that continues in terms of the championship with three riders combined by only two points and we are sure that this battle will be intense until the end. The great following on the live broadcasts and the 76 starters in the Ascoli race confirmed the good work of the boys from Modders Squadra Corse, who also showed their ability to promote the local area and the real race in the internet world.

In the E2SS group, victory in the 3000 class for Renato Sambataro on the Reynard 92D. In the 2000 class victory for young Thierry Graziosi on Tatuus Formula Master.

In the E2SC group, victory in the 3000 for the aforementioned Manolo Polonioli, while in the 2000 class Bruno and Falci did 1-2. Instead Gaetano Lombardo withdrew, with a race to forget on the Osella PA2000 Turbo.
In the 1400 class, the victory of Claudio Pasculli ahead of Domenico Balestra and Donato Pinto, and the latter who had won 1 race but paid for the second climb with difficulty. All three riders were initially on Elia Avrio.
In the 1000 class, the victory of Luca Sciortino who was the writer of the incredible race and testimony is also the fourth place overall, behind only the cars with higher engine capacity. Still in the 1000 class behind Sciortino came Salvatore Vitaggio (also fifth overall) and Michele Petrolo.

In the CN group, victory in the 3000th class for the perfect Mattia Raffetti who distinguished himself well in both climbs, placing himself ahead of Marco Cassata and Andrea Sorlini, and the latter who actually paid for the incomplete race 1 and which cost him. at least second place. All three drivers were at the start of the Osella PA20.
In the 2000 class, a good win for Andrea Tilotta on the Osella PA21 and important stability in the two climbs. Tilotta finished ahead of the fastest virtual drivers Nicola Pio Restagno(Osella PA21) and Ayrton Molinaro(Norma M20).

In the E2SH group, Liborio Chiapparo wins again with his BMW 134 ahead of Antonio Matraxia in the BMW 320, with both cars in the +3000 class.

In group E1, another class victory +3000 for Simone Vacirca who consolidates his lead in front of the fast of Luca Gandini, and the two who were at the start on the Alfa Romeo 155 GTA.
In the 1600T class, another win went to Maurizio Grola in a Fiat Uno Turbo ahead of Vito Presti and Andrea Barbaccia, both in a Renault 5 GT Turbo.
In the 1600 class, Alessio Bruno wins again despite Giampiero Barraco who is not giving up an inch and who finished second in Ascoli. Francolino Ruiu third, also like the first two in a Peugeot 106.
In the E1 1150, it is still a battle between the Chiarella brothers and Marco who beat Raffaele and Umberto Petrosino who finished in third place and all three riders were at the start on the A112.

Group A, Armando Luongo wins again at +3000 who took the win by just three tenths of a second from the in-form Sebastien Ronat and third Domenico Icolari who has not relinquished the championship, all three riders had. launch of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI.
An interesting race in the 2000 class with the top three closing by half a second with Alessandro Mazzonelli in a Renault Clio R3 getting the better of race 1 winner Mirko Aronica and Alberto Lorenzino, both in a Honda Civic Type R.
In the class reserved for 1300, the victory of Diego Domenighini ahead of the current class leader in the championship Salvatore Tuttolomondo and both on Peugeot 106. Third in class Mauro Miccichè on Peugeot 205.

In RSCUP-2, victory for Leo Cucca in the Peugeot 308 ahead of Luigi Gravino in the Seat Cupra Leon, with the two in full battle for the championship with four races to go.

Stefano Bianca makes a successful return in two cylinders and does so convincingly in his Fiat 500 ahead of Gabriele Bellini and Giuseppe Lupo, also in the 500. For the record, it should be noted that Pierluigi Esposito had previously won 1 race, but a. race 2 forget affected his fight for the top. Bianca and Esposito now share the championship lead, with 129 points each.

In group N, victory in the 2000 class for Luigi Farris in a Renault Clio ahead of Mousab El Hassani in a BMW 320I.
In the 1600 class, the victory of Piero Pintaudi ahead of the championship leader Cesare Calabretta and Roberto Giordano, all three in Citroen Saxo.

In the RSTB Plus 1600, the fourth win of the season for Leonardo Greco ahead of Francesco Oddo and Mirko Sulsenti, all three at the start of the Renault Clio.

In RS 2000, victory and provisional first place in the championship for Vincenzo Santoro who finished ahead of Federico De Carli and Andrea Conti. The first two were at the start in the Renault Clio RS, while Conti was at the start in the Honda Civic Type R.

Once the Italian round of Ascoli is put on record, the guys from Modders Squadra Corse will move to Slovakia on the 30th and 31st of May for Dobsinsky Kopec, the seventh round of the European online series. You can follow Modders Squadra Corse live streams on social networks on pre-set days from 21.30.
As usual, “Cronoscalate Che Passione” who is a partner of MSC, will tell you about the events after the race.