“Musk for President”: NASDAQ shares Tesla shares up: Tesla boss Elon Musk cheered on visit to China |  Information

“Musk for President”: NASDAQ shares Tesla shares up: Tesla boss Elon Musk cheered on visit to China | Information

“He’s an idol,” cheered one user on the social network. “I wish there was someone like that in China Elon Musk There would be.” Some would like the eccentric billionaire to be president of the United States.

The head of electric car maker Tesla is on a working visit to the People’s Republic. The schedule included meetings with China’s foreign, trade and industry ministers and a dinner with Zeng Yuqun, head of major battery supplier CATL. According to insiders, Musk wants to stop by the Tesla plant in Shanghai in the future.

In the past few months, despite the political tension, many top US managers have been in Beijing. However, no one has come close to Musk’s popularity among the Chinese population: Neither Tim Cook from Apple, Jamie Dimon from JPMorgan or Laxman Narasimhan from Starbucks.

Musk has yet to make a public statement, although he is very active on Twitter. The text messaging service, which he also owns, is banned in China. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs quoted the billionaire as saying that the US and Chinese economies are “Siamese twins” and thus opposes the dissolution of the marriage.

Tesla is facing increasing competitive pressure from Chinese suppliers such as BYD. It is also unclear whether the American group can expand its plant in Shanghai, where more than half of all Tesla models are produced in 2022. Meanwhile, approval from the authorities for advanced driver assistance systems, which Tesla already offers in the United States, still waiting. It was not previously known who Musk would meet during his visit to Shanghai and what topics would be on the agenda. Tesla stock ended trading 1.38 percent higher at $203.93 on the NASDAQ.

Beijing (Reuters)

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