“My God! Why doesn’t he stop?”

“My God! Why doesn’t he stop?”

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Of: Nadja Pohr

The BMWs on the freight train were damaged from end to end by a hanging part of the cabin. © Fotomontage Merkur/Screenshot TikTok/ropovi93/Screenshot Facebook/Der Eisenbahner

BMW is hit twice by the current railway unrest in Bavaria: Due to a lack of workers, production at one plant had to be stopped – before that, a freight train ran through a defective part of the track – with disastrous results.

Update from July 19, 3:55 pm: According to the federal police in Passau, the part that damaged many BMWs was a broken track. As the spokesman for the federal police told them PNP He said that the so-called “communication wire” can crack in the heat. The thick copper wire hit the BMWs loaded onto the freight train with all their might. The bicycle on the top line was even initially promoted as a reason, which was misleading.

First report from July 18, 3:10 pm: Landshut/Dingolfing – From Thursday noon to Saturday around 13 pm, a broken road in Landshut caused rail chaos in Lower Bavaria. According to Deutsche Bahn, the damage was caused when a train passed through. The reason for this is still unknown. The road had to be closed for several days. Apparently, at least one freight train has passed through before – loaded with a brand new BMW.

Video on TikTok: a freight train runs through rough elevated tracks and splits charging BMWs

A video on the social network TikTok shows a freight train that is currently traveling on the affected line. You can also see a defective category with a part that hangs from the top. The hanging piece of metal hits the loaded BMW with full force. The part is pulled over the cars from the back to the front.

Photos on the Facebook page “Der Eisenbahner” show the damage caused by the line to cars. A BMW was almost cut in half and one was cut from back to front. “My God! Why doesn’t he stop?” asks the guest who made the video. As Merkur found out on request, BMW is aware of the issue with the freight train.

“We cannot yet give any information about the number of vehicles and the damage,” said Manuel Sattig, a spokesman for BMW’s Dingolfing plant. If, as shown in the video, it is a new car, the sum will be large. However, BMW was twice unlucky in that event.

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After the train chaos: The broken church in Landshut also cripples the BMW plant in Dingolfing

BMW car manufacturers were not the only ones affected by the situation and the freight train incident. The train riot in Landshut also had an impact on Europe’s largest BMW plant in Dingolfing. Monday (July 18) early and late shifts will be canceled at all convention centers, BMW spokeswoman Sattig confirmed on request. Several thousand workers have been affected and around 1,600 cars cannot be built at first, reports BR.

The new cars were backed up to the factory premises and could not be removed due to the canceled train connection. As of Monday, the supported vehicles will have to leave the factory gradually, it said. Car production at the BMW factory will resume on Tuesday. (go to sleep)

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