Myślenice.  The accident of the husband of the head of PO structures.  Escape with a Substitute Driver

Myślenice. The accident of the husband of the head of PO structures. Escape with a Substitute Driver

There was an accident on the national road S7. The offender fled the scene, and a woman reported to the police that she was the owner of the car. He came with a man who is supposed to guide him. The latter, however, after a short time announced that he was “changed” and denied everything. Who is the woman and the victim of the road accident? The police provide new information.

Controversy about an accident involving the husband of the head of PO structures. Recently, he was the hero of Tusk’s rally

On the night of Thursday to Friday, a fatal accident occurred in Zakopane in Stróża (Lesser Poland Voivodeship). As it happened in the event that he was taking…

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This accident happened on Thursday, September 8, around 10 pm in Zakopane, in the village of Stróża (Małopolskie Voivodeship).

Two cars participated in the event. – Based on preliminary findings and reports of an injured Opel driver driving an Audi passenger car from Zakopane to Krakow on a straight part of the road ran into the back of the Opel moving in the right lane – tells the website Mł.asp. Dawid Wietrzyk, police spokesman in Myślenice.

He fled the area

It goes on to explain that the Opel driver lost control of the vehicle and hit the energy absorption barrier. – The Audi driver stopped – this car was also badly damaged and it was impossible to continue driving it – he left the car and he left the area on foot – says the speaker.

Patrol was called to the scene. It turned out that the Opel driver was sane.

– When the police were working at the scene of the collision, a resident of Myślenice came there, who said that he was the owner of the Audi, while the driver who arrived with him was a man – a resident of Myślenice – explains the police.

Tusk’s action with “ordinary citizens” of Myślenice. He is a PO activist

On Friday, the head of the PO met with Ewa Wincenciak-Walas, whom he described as an “ordinary citizen”. However, he is the president of the PO in Myślenice poviat, which …

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Modified driver

The main character of the collision was questioned by the police. – However, he could not explain the details of the road accident and after a while he admitted that he was not the one driving the car and that the woman who brought him to the scene convinced him to “stop” the real driver. – adds Wietrzyk.

The police patrolled the scene of the accident and checked the residence of the person suspected of driving the Audi, but they did not find him.

– The proceedings in this case are conducted by the County Police Headquarters in Myślenice. Witnesses are interviewed and the circumstances of the incident are confirmed. The case is progressive – says Wietrzyk.

As netizen Maciej Stańczyk reported in social networks, the audi was driven by the husband of Ewa Wincenciak-Walas, president of the PO in Myślenice poviat, and the woman who brought the “replacement” driver to the scene was just. Wincenciak-Walas.

“The driver of the car, the husband of Mrs. Walas, fled the scene of the accident. Then the chairman, Ewa Wincenciak-Walas, appeared at the scene of the accident with a person who should have identified himself as the driver and the person involved in the accident. After being questioned by the police and firefighters working on the accident, this person (a neighbor of the Walas family) withdrew his testimony, explaining that he was personally persuaded by Ewa Wincenciak-Walas to do all this and that he had nothing to do with the accident. had actually caused his partner,’ wrote Stańczyk on Twitter.

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A PO activist contacted Dziennik Polski. The woman confirmed that her husband’s Audi car was involved in the accident.

“She said her husband had already submitted a statement to the police. He denied being there when the accident happened, but when asked if he was there later he said he needed to contact his lawyer. In another interview – perhaps after consulting a lawyer – he said that he would not comment on anything, “we read” DP “.

From October 23, 2021, Ewa Winenciak-Walas is the head of PO structures in Myślenice poviat. In 2018, he participated in the local government elections, running from KWW “Bez dealów” in Osieczany and applying for the mandate of city councilor and district of Myślenice. However, the result of 197 votes did not guarantee him his place in the council.

In 2019, he unsuccessfully ran for the Sejm from the lists of KO, belonging to Nowoczesna. She actively participated in the protests organized by the National Women’s Strike.

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