Narol.  A drunk driver was running from the police.  He ended up escaping the fence

Narol. A drunk driver was running from the police. He ended up escaping the fence

The 49-year-old man driving an Audi, who did not stop at the police control in Narol, had about 3 per mille of alcohol in his body. Escaping from uniformed policemen, he broke traffic regulations. Now he has serious consequences for all this.

On Sunday before the 22nd, police officers from Narol saw an Audi driver who did not obey the “STOP” sign. The police decided to stop him for a road check. The uniforms activated light and sound signals, signaling the driver to stop. At this point, the man quickly increased his speed and started running towards the Lublin Region.

During the escape, the Audi driver made several mistakes, including repeatedly crossing the line twice in a row and overtaking the truck at the pedestrian crossing. At one point he lost control of the car and ended up running over the fence of one of the properties.

A 49-year-old resident of Tomaszów County was behind the wheel of an Audi. M.the man was drunk. His sobriety test showed about 3 per mille in his body. The 49-year-old player has lost driving license. Now he will be responsible for the mistakes and crimes committed.

– According to Art. 178b of the Criminal Code: “who, despite being issued by a person authorized to control traffic, in a moving vehicle or on a ship or aircraft, using sound and light signals, the command to stop the vehicle does not immediately stop the vehicle. and continues to drive, is punished for imprisonment from 3 months to 5 years “- remind the police.

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