NASCAR: Tragedy in the family of Jimmie Johnson, the in-laws and one of their nephews died by shooting

NASCAR: Tragedy in the family of Jimmie Johnson, the in-laws and one of their nephews died by shooting

Yesterday evening in Oklahoma, a tragic incident unfolded, shaking the NASCAR world to its core. The in-laws of the legendary seven-time Cup Series champion, Jimmie Johnson, along with their 11-year-old nephew, were discovered lifeless by the authorities. Reports from local journalists indicate that this heart-wrenching event is believed to be a case of murder-suicide. As a result of this devastating news, Jimmie Johnson has made the difficult decision to withdraw from his scheduled participation in the Chicago race.

The news broke earlier today through a local broadcaster affiliated with FOX, swiftly spreading across various media outlets, including TMZ. The initial report provided a concise summary:

“Muskogee police responded to a distressing incident last night, discovering the bodies of two individuals and their 11-year-old nephew following a tragic shooting. Preliminary investigations suggest the possibility of a murder-suicide. Terry Janway, the suspected shooter, allegedly took the lives of her husband, Jack Janway, and their 11-year-old nephew, Dalton Janaway. Chandra Janway, Terry and Jack’s daughter is married to esteemed NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson.”

This distressing news swiftly reverberated throughout the American sports media landscape, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

Less than half an hour later, Legacy Motor Club, the team owned by Jimmie Johnson this year, took to Twitter to make an announcement:

“The Legacy Motor Club has made the difficult decision to withdraw the Carvana-sponsored Chevrolet #84 from the upcoming NASCAR Cup Series race in Chicago. At this time, the Johnson family kindly requests privacy and will not be disclosing any details regarding this matter.”

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Upon hearing the news, NASCAR and Hendrick Motorsports swiftly expressed their condolences to Jimmie Johnson, his wife Chandra, and their children:

“We are profoundly saddened by the tragic loss suffered by Chandra Johnson’s family members. The entire NASCAR community stands together in offering our unwavering support and heartfelt condolences to Chandra, Jimmie, the Johnson family, and the Janway family during this incredibly challenging time.

“Our family and the entire team share in the grief of Chani, Jimmie, and their loved ones. This unimaginable tragedy has left us all devastated. We have reached out to Jimmie, assuring him of our love, support, and commitment to provide any assistance that our organization can offer.”

In the evening, Muskogee Police issued a press release detailing the following incident:

“At approximately 9:05 PM local time on Monday, the Muskogee Police Department received a distress call from a residence situated at 2827 Suroya Street. The caller, a woman, reported a disturbance and the presence of an individual with a firearm before abruptly ending the call.

Upon arrival at the scene, law enforcement discovered the victim, identified as Jack Janway, lying incapacitated in the foyer. Shortly thereafter, a subsequent gunshot was heard emanating from within the premises. Responding officers swiftly evacuated Mr. Janway and issued directives to other occupants within the residence to exit immediately.

With the arrival of additional personnel, a comprehensive search of the premises commenced, resulting in the discovery of the deceased bodies of Terry and Dalton. Our investigative efforts are ongoing to ascertain the precise sequence of events. However, we can assure the local community that there is presently no imminent danger, and this incident is currently being treated as a case of murder-suicide.”

In a recent interview with the local FOX TV station, the mayor of Muskogee expressed his heartfelt sentiments regarding the tragic incident involving the Johnson family and Chandra. Despite their physical separation between Charlotte and Colorado, the couple, who have been married for 19 years and have two daughters, have remained closely connected to their community. Their admirable contributions to schools and charities, totaling more than a million dollars through their foundation, have left a lasting impact.

The mayor concluded the somber day by acknowledging the shocking news and expressing his profound sadness that a family so deeply connected to the city and dedicated to its welfare had experienced such a distressing event. The fact that a child was also involved intensified the emotional impact.

Personally, the mayor shared his deep appreciation for Dr. Janaway, a chiropractor who has been an integral part of their lives since the mayor’s arrival in Muskogee. The realization that Dr. Janaway had interacted with the family had a profound effect on the mayor.

The entire editorial team at stands in solidarity with the Janway and Johnson families during this difficult time. We extend our sincerest condolences for the loss of their loved ones, and our thoughts and support are with them.