Nashville: Ken Roczen drama, Jett Lawrence wins / US Supercross

Nashville: Ken Roczen drama, Jett Lawrence wins / US Supercross

Australian HRC factory rider Jett Lawrence won round 14 of the US Supercross Championship in Nashville, Tennessee. Chase Sexton (KTM) and Ken Roczen (Suzuki) retired after heavy crashes.

14th American Race Supercross Racing at Nissan Stadium Nashville: The jet Lawrence (Honda) set the fastest time in qualifying at 48.87 seconds Lap Time before. star Racing competition Yamaha The pilot Cooper Webbwho tied the points before the race Lawrence who was at the top of the table, needed 50.4 seconds for his best lap. Hunter and The jet Lawrence won two heats.

For a German HEP Progress Suzuki Pilots Ken Rockzen the day began Nashville and a Lap Time of 51.1 seconds and Q8 in qualifying. He finished the second heat P5 behind The jet Lawrence, Cooper WebbEli Tomaki and Malcolm Stewart.

Tomaki he won that Holeshot until the final The jet Lawrence and Ken Rockzen. Thuringian won in the second round The jet Lawrence through and take P2. The defending champion Chase Sexton (KTM) started in the top 10 and battled through the first few laps P6 ahead. In the 5th round it flew red Bull KTM The factory driver reacted violently when he saw it ‘Wall Jump’ he flew very far over the house directly and entered opposite ‘Wall Jump’ he hit the handle with his stomach and jumped over the handle. Chase he remained on the floor and had to be removed from him Treatment Employees are taken care of. Fortunately he was able to leave the field on his own two feet. It is not clear whether this accident occurred due to driving error or a mechanical problem. Sextons However, the reaction of his mechanic who rushed to the scene raised doubts that a technical error may have caused the accident.

They fought forward Tomaki and Rockzen it continued to circle the front and the German also seemed to be faster. The drama took place in the 8th round Rockzen: When landing after a long flight, steam was released in an explosion Rockzenmotorcycle. The exact cause was difficult to determine from the outside, but the rear shock absorber’s hydraulics probably ruptured during landing. Rockzen He chased him in the washboard section with a cigarette bike and was at the end of Wow! it hit a pillar and hit the ground with a force. There he was taken by Treatment Workers are provided. The German was picked up but could not step on his left foot. Currently there is no information about the extent of his injury. It remains to be hoped that the German did not sustain any serious injuries in his accident.

After Rockzens A crash has occurred The jet Lawrence second place. After 10 laps, the Australian could see the crash site of two pilots who had crashed into one. Turn right drive around as fast as possible on the inside line while Tomaki waste a lot of time on the outside line. The jet took the lead and controlled the race from the front from the second half of the final.

The jet Lawrence won in Nashville and a 9.3 second lead over Eli Tomaki and Cooper Webb. With his 6th win this season he took the chance The jet Lawrence again the only lead in the table with 5 points Cooper Webb up P2.

Chase Sexton He left empty-handed after his accident and fell into the table P3 up P4 back when he himself Tomaki after P2 in Nashville can improve to 3rd place in the table. Ken Rockzen he fell back to 6th in the standings after his crash.

Round 15 USA Supercross racing takes place in one week in Lincoln Farm from Philadelphia.

Results SX Nashville 450:

1. The jet Lawrence (OFF), Honda
2. Eli Tomaki (USA), Yamaha
3. Cooper Webb (USA), Yamaha
4. Jason Anderson (USA), Kawasaki
5. Justin sleep (USA), GASGAS
6. Justin Cooper (USA), Yamaha
7. Hunter Lawrence (OFF), Honda
8. Benny Only (USA), Beta
9. Malcolm Stewart (USA), Husqvarna
10. Vince Frisian (USA), Honda

21. (DNF) Ken Rockzen (D), Suzuki
22. (DNF) Chase Sexton (USA), KTM

DNS: Aaron Plessinger (USA), KTM
DNS: Dylan Ferrandis (F), Honda
DNS: Christian Craig (USA), Husqvarna

Championship position Event 14 version 17:

1. The jet Lawrence (AUS), Honda, 286 points
2. Cooper Webb (USA), Yamaha281, (-5)
3. Eli Tomaki (USA), Yamaha253, (-33)
4. Chase Sexton (USA), KTM246, (-40)
5. Jason Anderson (USA), Kawasaki, 224, (-62)
6. Ken Rockzen (D), Suzuki222, (-64)
7. Aaron Plessinger (USA), KTM198, (-88)
8. Justin Cooper (USA), Yamaha177, (-109)
9. Justin sleep (USA), GASGAS, 166, (-120)
10. Hunter Lawrence (AUS), Honda, 163, (-123)
11. Malcolm Stewart (USA), Husqvarna155, (-131)