New B-Suv Alfa Romeo 2023-2024, if that was the case it will be a great success according to experts.

New B-Suv Alfa Romeo 2023-2024, if that was the case it will be a great success according to experts.

Interest in is increasing Alfa Romeo’s next innovation, a new B-Suv, with a distinctive design signed by the brand. This model will be smaller in size than Tonale and Stelvio, models already in the range. Information about the new car is still limited, but some experts have tried to create a virtual representation of it.

Alfa Romeo has started work on the next car category B-Suv, which will be the company’s first flagship in the electric vehicle sector. The launch of this new model is scheduled for 2024. Executive Director Jean-Philippe Imparato began preparations by meeting with the technical team responsible for the project. This meeting marks the official start of the work dedicated to the development of the vehicle, which will represent an important step for Alfa Romeo in its commitment towards long-range electrification. Let’s take a closer look:

  • What could the B-Suv Alfa Romeo 2023-2024 be like
  • B-Suv Alfa Romeo 2023-2024: announced success?

What could the B-Suv Alfa Romeo 2023-2024 be like

Auto-moto website recently shared a rendering of the new Alfa Romeo B-Suv, designed by designer Julien Jodry. This sport utility vehicle seems to embody that A different style of the Arese brandcombining playfulness and elegance.

The headlights have a thin strip which gives it an almost scary look. The slightly rounded front bonnet helps create an undeniably aggressive front end for the new Alfa Romeo. The alloy wheels, of generous size and with a dark tone, are well done, while the side looks clean in general, with only accents provided by the door handles and black side skirts that are perfectly integrated. The front rear window is vertical which, thanks to the black roof, creates a continuity that gives the car a sporty character and a slim elegant line.

It is a give, therefore of a project that can distance itself from reality. So far, CEO Imparato has given few details about the new car, but emphasized the importance of electrification for Alfa Romeo. He confirmed that the car will not be called Brennero and will be delivered next September.

The production of the car will take place on the CMP platform, the same as used for Peugeot 2008 and the Opel Mokka, both with hot hatches. The enthusiasm for the new Alfa Romeo car is increasing, especially considering the great success achieved by the Alfa Romeo Tonale.

B-Suv Alfa Romeo 2023-2024: announced success?

Alfa Romeo is implementing its production plan First of all electric B-SUV, whose official name will be announced by the end of this year. The car was developed on the e-Cmp platform of the Stellantis group, which allows the use of internal combustion engines and electric motors, as already shown by Jeep Avenger.

The B-SUV will be available as an all-electric battery vehicle and as a hybrid, to widen the price range and reach a wider range of customers.

The CEO of Alfa Romeo had a meeting with the technical team responsible for the B-Suv project, which has been tasked with attracting new buyers to the brand, especially families and women.

The main goal is to expand the vision of the brand, to wintraditional sports brand image aimed at middle-aged men only. Learned expected more details about the launch of the car, including a simplified commercial offer, based on “two engines, two trim levels, two packages and five options that are the same across the board”. Name chosen for B-Suv it will recall the brand’s Italian roots and reflect its sporty spirit.