New BMW i5 Official Teaser Revealed

New BMW i5 Official Teaser Revealed

March represents a pivotal month for the vast majority of automobile manufacturers. As the third month of the year, it signifies the end of their fiscal year and a crucial juncture to present their financial statements and future strategies. In this regard, the Munich-based automaker is currently commemorating this critical milestone by unveiling its latest electric vehicle (EV), the new BMW i5.

BMW has capitalized on its annual press conference to communicate its financial results and post-tax profits to shareholders of the Bavarian conglomerate, categorizing the financial performance of each of its brands and divisions. This event is also an opportune time to unveil future strategies and highlight the priority technologies for the company.

During this conference, BMW has already confirmed the worldwide debut of a new zero-emission model, which has been previously teased through hundreds of spy photos during its developmental phase. Remarkably, this novel EV, the BMW i5, disappeared from testing several months ago, concealed under a typical canvas and flaunting the distinctive features of a saloon. The i5 will become the third saloon in BMW’s range of electric vehicles, positioned between the i4, which is more budget-friendly, and the lavish i7.

The new BMW i5 prepares its debut and market launch

Oliver Zipse, the Chief Executive Officer of BMW, has recently announced crucial details regarding the upcoming BMW i5 Touring model, which is expected to exhibit only marginal differences in appearance when compared to the concurrently developed BMW 5 Series. However, one salient feature in its design is the noticeable influence of the futuristic BMW i Dee concept on its daytime running lights. This was an open secret, which we exclusively announced to you. The BMW i5 Touring, slated for launch in 2024, will bear the M Performance emblem on both the sedan and the family car.

The BMW i5 Touring will be the foremost electric-powered family car on the market, surpassing the solely electric Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) previously prioritized by the company. This model offers an unparalleled degree of interior versatility, with ample cargo space in the trunk and superior onboard comfort and cutting-edge technologies akin to those featured in the latest 5 Series and 5 Series Touring. The anticipated launch date for the new BMW i5 model is mid-October, with sales expected to commence before the end of this year.

The BMW i5 Touring will arrive in 2024, an early alternative to the iX5

The German enterprise has yet to divulge a precise timeline, however, it endeavors to deviate from its norm. Ordinarily, the company showcases its models and allows a buffer period for commercialization, with production occurring in the interim.

Nonetheless, on this occasion, the German firm is proposing a modification to the sequence, whereby production shall commence in July and the novel i5 shall be unveiled at the Munich Motor Show, a mere few days before coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the inaugural 5 Series manufacturing on September 27, 1973, at the Dingolfing facility, featuring a crimson 520.