New BMW without Android Auto?  This is unfortunately possible

New BMW without Android Auto? This is unfortunately possible

The worldwide shortage of chips greatly affects the health of the automotive industry. This is evident even after problems with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support in new BMW models.

This is what the Google and Apple support “overlay” should look like

BMW clearly hesitated to implement support for Android Auto – the solution appeared only in 2019. However, it should be remembered in mind that it was once fully introduced.

In terms of Google and Apple software, in Bavarian cars we find the possibility of wireless connectivity. The whole thing works flawlessly, and the connection itself is very easy.

Furthermore, in the latest version of the iDrive infotainment system, we have comprehensive integration with both solutions. In the case of Android Auto, we can display Google Maps on digital watches, not just on the main screen. In Apple CarPlay, on the other hand, this function is available for Apple Maps. It’s very convenient, because on the main display we can have a constant review of other programs – for example Spotify.

Apple maps on digital watches in BMW (photo:

Unfortunately, there are problems with availability

As already mentioned, the chip shortage is taking its toll on the automotive industry. Customers often have to wait several months or more for ordered cars, and moreover, cars are delivered with incomplete equipment.

Depending latest news, New BMWs delivered to customers usually do not come with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support. So we don’t have access to the solutions that have become so important to many drivers in recent years.

Interestingly, support for both overlays on the infotainment system will be activated in the near future, with a BMW software update. It turns out that the German company has changed the chip vendor and a similar module is in the car, but currently there is no software to support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

It should be mentioned that similar problems are also seen with other car manufacturers. Vehicles are offered without mobile phone connectivity modules, head-up displays or wireless smartphone chargers. Unfortunately, the semiconductor crisis is likely to last for some time.

Update 03/06/2022

BMW owners who bought a car without Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, they reportthat they are already receiving the appropriate update. In the latest version of the software, marked as 03 / 2022.57, both solutions are now properly supported.

It’s worth noting that a service visit may be required as part of an ongoing service step to reset the system.

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