New Bugatti Atlantic 2022: price, data sheet, technical data

New Bugatti Atlantic 2022: price, data sheet, technical data

The Bugatti Atlantic 2022 is one of the most luxurious car brands in history. The French company won a race all over Europe with the magnificent Grand Prix buses – up to the Second World War. The Bugatti emblem also adorned luxury tourists from the Art Deco period. Jay Leno once said, “There are not many buses that are as exciting to drive as the Bugatti 57SC Atlantic Price.” So, of course, Leno owns several Bugatti. But one of Bugatti’s last buses – a future coupe called the Bugatti Atlantic – is so rare that Jay Leno can’t buy one if he wants to. Like many modern buses, the Bugatti Atlantic 2022 started as a model.

In 1924 he discovered an aluminum wheel for his race buses. And in July 1935 he completed a coupe made entirely of a magnesium compound he called Elektron. Bugatti could not find a way to connect its magnesium panels. So he made them more secure. Thus, the most recognizable point of the 2022 Bugatti award “Elektron Coupé” is a concentrated crest that runs the full length of the car where its two sides meet.

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1936 Bugatti Type 57sc Atlantic Price

We know it will stay for another month or so in the middle of the new Mullin Automotive Museum, located in the old Otis Chandler building in Oxnard, California. However, the Mullin Museum is a living, breathing memory of everything that closes when you have not seen (or heard). And it helps if something is French. This special Bugatti Atlantic was sold by plutocrats to an unknown buyer in May for an undisclosed amount. Scuttlebutt says you look at the most valuable car in the world, and I have heard thirty to forty million bones being discussed more than ever before. Luckily for us – or at least for me – a very fat buyer chose to let Mullin show (or his) the 57SC Atlantic Type. Just to illuminate the giant in the room, no matter how many times we asked, we were not told the price or identity of the owner. Be that as it may.

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What always amazes me about so many people who would not be a skeleton worth $ 30-40 million is that they are among the most talkative people when they say, “I could never buy that big plutocrat for a car.” Use. Available, sure, and I think it’s a little crazy among the Brangelinas of the world to spend a lot of money on a piece of natural leather and four thin rings. Assuming all Italian troops and stations would miss them.

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In the extreme world conditions, life is not always fair. There are entire continents that live on products like $ 1 a day. But some lucky people accumulate good luck, big, big. I think it’s safe to say more than his “fair share” (yes, yes, if his father Otis Norman Chandler might have published about Mary Gahagan Douglas, I have pink in my underwear). I do not want to argue about whether this kind of wealth is good, bad or inevitable. As Nietzsche said, “There is no such thing as a moral miracle. An ethical interpretation is just a miracle.” What I want to argue with is that maybe this Atlantic is worth every red penny.

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What is especially noticeable when you look at this blue Bugatti Chiron Topspeed baby up close is that the rivets on the thorns are anything but connected, let alone a horizontal separation. No machine had any place to sink these rivets. All are hand-crafted, with an in-depth Atlantic Ocean Atlantic exhibition. This apparent error has significant implications; there is a tendency in excess. This raises another argument as to why the Atlantic Ocean is highly regarded among motorists in the world. Despite the maturity of Mullin’s incredible deco collection, they represent not only the culmination of motor skills, but also its nadir. Buses have never been built so far, and they will never be rebuilt at an astonishing height. The Bugatti Atlantic Top Speed ​​Type 57SC Atlantics is the cream of the crop in this special cup of coffee.

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Like Bugattis, the 57SC Type Atlantic is far more than just the art of folding. After all, the “SC” in 57SC stands at a high charge. The Affair is around 200 hp – massive by 1936 – and when they came out these were the fastest commodity buses in the world, capable of hitting the other side of 125 miles per hour. Like all 57SC models, the Atlantic sits on a wheelchair. Similarly, the race (again at that time) was international in nature, although Dan Neil used to describe me driving a Bugatti-type car like riding a four-bus bike. That’s two solid axes for you, though I haven’t climbed one yet I can’t say for sure. What I can tell you is that most people argue that the 57SC Atlantics Type is the first big car in the world. I can’t think of any reason to say why they aren’t. I can’t think of any reason to blame the mysterious collection of this car as the most valuable car in the world. Of course, there is always an upcoming Gooding auction.