New Citroen C3 100% electric version caught in India during testing –

New Citroen C3 100% electric version caught in India during testing –

The new Citroen C3 100% electric version was caught in India during testing

The new Citroen C3 has recently been launched in India. This car is produced at the Chennai plant. Now a test and a 100% partially concealed electric version has hit the streets.

The Citroen C3 will be the catalyst for the brand to win a large share of the Indian market, which is increasingly being fought over by price. Due to the tax, the production was located locally, which allows to reduce labor costs and avoid customs duties. The new Citroen C3 has been well received by the media there and the car is slowly expanding its customer base. Now it’s time for the next step – a 100% electric car.

The new C3’s charging port is located on the right fender

Where did the idea of ​​an electrician in India come from? Like many other countries, India is considering the electrification of transport. The goal is to reduce emissions and become independent from fossil fuels. India has a lot to catch up on, but by 2030, 80 percent of two- and three-wheelers, 40 percent of buses and 30-70 percent of cars in India will be electric, according to NITI Aayog, a government think tank. transport policy.

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The new 100% electric Citroen C3 is expected to go on sale in India in early 2023. It will probably also be exported to other countries in the region and possibly also – by sea – to South America.

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The current version of C3 is intended for emerging markets. A slightly different version will be released in Europe. Developed with the most demanding customer in mind. Citroën is not yet releasing any technical details for the new electric C3. Most parts and components have to be produced locally.

The appearance of the test car in public means that its production is already well advanced.

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