New Citroen C4 Family Cross 2024: goodbye C3 Aircross

New Citroen C4 Family Cross 2024: goodbye C3 Aircross

New Citroen Family Cross 2024 will replace the current C3 Aircross. The forthcoming Citroen model intended for the Indian and South American markets represents a significant departure from the current version. The urban SUV has undergone an expansion, now measuring 4.32 meters in length, similar to the dimensions of the Dacia Duster. However, there are concerns about whether this substantial growth will also impact the future European derivative scheduled for release in 2024.

It seems unlikely that Citroen would market a car as the “C3” in Europe if its dimensions differ significantly from those of the C4, which measures approximately 4.36 meters in length. According to reports from L’Argus, the European version is expected to increase in size by a few centimeters, reaching a height of approximately 4.37 meters. This adjustment is likely due to the stylistic changes required to incorporate certain elements from the Oli concept car, introduced last year.

In comparison to the upcoming model heading to India, the current Citroen C3 Aircross, measuring just 4.16 meters in length, appears smaller in size.

This information aligns with the assertions made by L’Auto-Journal, indicating that the new vehicle will adopt a new name to denote its higher position. There have been rumors suggesting that the name “C4 Family Cross” could be a popular choice, although it may not encompass the entire name. Nevertheless, it appears highly probable that this SUV will be linked to the C4 family.

In terms of design, the transformation from the current Citroen C3 Air Cross to the new Citroen Family Cross, or C4 Family Cross, will involve significant changes across the body, even including a redesign of the doors. Imaginative renderings released by provide a glimpse of the envisioned appearance, drawing inspiration from the Oli concept car’s design research.

Citroën is poised to make significant aesthetic updates to the C4 sedan, with particular attention paid to the vehicle’s exterior design. The alterations are anticipated to be so striking that they will redefine the vehicle’s silhouette. The foremost modification involves relocating the bonnet emblem from its present position to the center of the radiator grille, harmonizing it with the bodywork’s color. Additionally, the headlights will feature an innovative signature in the shape of the letter “C,” adding a touch of distinctiveness.

Notably, the rear of the vehicle will also undergo notable changes. One of the distinguishing features will be the inclusion of a wide band positioned between the taillights, further contributing to the car’s distinct appearance.

Regarding the interior, details regarding the exact modifications to the C3 Aircross dashboard remain undisclosed at this point. It remains uncertain whether the existing dashboard will be retained or if an entirely new cockpit design will be introduced. However, it is evident that Citroën is moving towards transforming the passenger compartment of the current C4 sedan, signaling a departure from its previous incarnation.

Technical and Performance Data

The upcoming Citroen C4 Family Cross will undergo significant enhancements to comply with European requirements. Notably, the vehicle’s design will be strengthened to meet our stringent safety standards, including accident tests. Additionally, the car will feature a light hybrid (48V) powertrain, which has recently been introduced in the Peugeot 3008 and 5008 models.

This hybrid system will offer 136 horsepower, with the possibility of a 100-horsepower variant. However, the most anticipated development is the introduction of a 100% electric version of this SUV. To minimize costs, this electric variant may utilize a different chemistry than the cutting-edge models seen in the Stellantis group’s lineup (such as the Jeep Avenger, DS 3, and Peugeot e-2008).

The new Citroen C4 Family Cross is slated to commence its commercial operations in the summer of 2024, with the official unveiling expected a few months earlier. Preceding its launch, the new C3 model will take the spotlight, showcasing the design language proposed by the Oli concept car. This indicates that the C3 will be the first to embody the aesthetic direction set by the innovative Oli concept.

The all-new generation of the C3 Aircross represents a notable departure from its current iteration, which has recently been unveiled on the other side of the world. With a keen focus on catering to the requirements and markets of India and South America, Citroën has taken the urban SUV and substantially elongated it, elevating its stature to the extent that it nearly rivals vehicles in the upper category. While the variant that is available in our regions measures just 4.16 meters in length, the newcomer boasts an extended size of 4.32 meters, bringing it on par with the dimensions of a Dacia Duster. However, one may wonder whether this significant growth will be mirrored in the upcoming European derivative, anticipated for release in 2024.

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From C3 to C4 to signify the move upmarket?

It is indeed difficult to envision Citroën marketing a vehicle labeled as the “C3” in our region, considering its size would be more comparable to that of a C4 (4.36 meters). Additionally, it has been reported by L’Argus that the European version might gain a few additional centimeters, bringing its length to approximately 4.37 meters. These modifications are likely to be made in terms of style, incorporating certain design elements introduced by the Oli concept car last year.

In contrast, the current C3 Aircross measures only 4.16 meters in length, making it appear quite compact when compared to the model intended for the Indian and Mercosur markets.

These observations align with the statements made by L’Auto-Journal, which suggest that the new vehicle will receive a new name to signify its transition to a higher market segment. According to rumors, the name “C4 Family Cross” is a strong contender, unless it is simply an internal code name. However, everything indicates that this SUV will be associated with the C4 family.

Significant design modifications are expected for the Citroën model. The front end will undergo a transformation, removing the existing notch that currently connects the hood and the front grille. Instead, it will feature a new oval-shaped logo, prominently positioned at the center of a full-body colored grille. The distinctive arrow-shaped headlights will be replaced by C-shaped light signatures.

The rear of the vehicle will also receive a specific design update, similar to the modifications seen at the front. The lights of the Indian version will be refreshed but with the notable addition of a wide strip that connects the taillights. This distinctive feature will set it apart from other variants.

As for the interior, it remains uncertain whether the dashboard of the C3 Aircross will be revamped or if an entirely new cockpit design will be introduced. Alternatively, Citroën might opt for an evolution of the current C4 sedan’s dashboard.

A 100% electric version expected

The forthcoming Citroën C4 Family Cross is set to undergo significant enhancements, particularly in its running gear, to meet the demanding European requirements. Should the name be retained, the vehicle will also undergo structural reinforcement to ensure compliance with our crash test standards. Furthermore, the powertrain will witness noteworthy advancements as well.

The recently introduced mild hybridization (48V), already incorporated in the Peugeot 3008 and 5008, will feature in the Citroën C4 Family Cross, boasting 136 horsepower. Additionally, there is potential for a variant with 100 horsepower. However, the most highly anticipated aspect is the arrival of an all-electric version of this well-established SUV. To maintain cost-effectiveness, it may employ different battery chemistry compared to the recent exemplary models from the Stellantis group, such as the Jeep Avenger, DS 3, and Peugeot e-2008.

Nova geração do Citroën C3 AirCross será substituto do C3 AirCross atual do  C4 Cactus

Overtaken by the new C3, in the coming months

The highly anticipated Citroën C4 Family Cross is set to embark on its commercial journey in the upcoming summer of 2024. However, prior to its release, the spotlight will be stolen by the all-new C3, as it takes the lead in showcasing the brand’s refined design language, which draws inspiration from the concept car Oli.

The formal unveiling of the Citroën C4 Family Cross is expected to take place a few months ahead of its commercial launch. This eagerly awaited model is anticipated to make a lasting impression on automotive enthusiasts, building upon the success of its predecessors. With its innovative design elements and advanced features, the C4 Family Cross promises to offer a unique and captivating driving experience.

Citroën’s commitment to excellence is clearly evident in the forthcoming C3, which serves as a precursor to the C4 Family Cross. By incorporating elements from the groundbreaking Oli concept car, Citroën seeks to establish a distinctive and cohesive design language across its vehicle lineup. The C3 will demonstrate the brand’s dedication to pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the automotive industry.

As the summer of 2024 approaches, anticipation grows for the official launch of the Citroën C4 Family Cross. Enthusiasts can look forward to a remarkable blend of style, performance, and cutting-edge technology that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the automotive landscape.