New Citroen C5 X for the first time in Poland.  Warsaw PREMIERE model – – Dziennik Motoryzacyjny

New Citroen C5 X for the first time in Poland. Warsaw PREMIERE model – – Dziennik Motoryzacyjny

The new Citroen C5 X debuted in Poland, today in Warsaw. The first show of this model took place here. The car was presented to the fleet’s customers, several of whom showed up at one of the hotels to see the brand’s latest model.

The new Citroen C5 X is a large crossover that can be equipped with gasoline and hybrid engines from 130 to 225 hp. The hybrid version is rechargeable and can travel up to 50 km on electricity alone. The car attracts attention with a very modern look and comfortable interior. The manufacturer focused on comfort, in the highest version it will be possible to order a working suspension, equipped with continuous hydraulic centers, a feature of the latest version of the Advanced Citroën Comfort system.

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The new Citroen C5 X looks great straight away. The silhouette of a crossover, i.e. a raised car compared to traditional sedans and hatchbacks, is very neat and balanced. Despite its large size, it does not exceed. The size of the panels is chosen so that the correct proportions are preserved and at the same time everything is visible from the inside, there is no feeling of claustrophobia.

The cockpit is very modern, spacious and very functional, very attractive. The manufacturer has placed a lot of physical buttons, so tablet-lovers concerned about direct access to work will be satisfied. The materials are of good quality and the top version of the materials, presented at the presentation, made a very pleasant impression when it comes to the touch. The seats deserve a difference, both front and back are very comfortable. The representatives of the manufacturer mentioned that they are built in a way that ensures very high comfort and proper grip. Textured upholstery looked pleasing to the eye.

There is plenty of space in the back seat. There is an almost royal amount of legroom here. The whole thing is not only comfortable, but also functional. It’s easy to check in and out.

Importantly, even in the hybrid version, the luggage compartment seems to be easy to arrange and spacious. In the picture below you can see an open hatch with space for the user. It makes a very good impression.

Very positive opinions prevailed among the opinions of the gathered customers. The car’s appearance, comfort and build quality were praised. Citroën put a lot of work into this model and if driving is confirmed by the comments of Western journalists who are happy with comfort and stability, then this model can be a real success.

We recently published a Polish price list for the new Citroen C5 X, the price is not high for the class and size of the car (considering the current state of the car market).

The first impression, which counts as a lot, is very good. The new Citroen C5 X is very attractive, it is a beautiful, comfortable and comfortable car. We look forward to the press premiere and test drive with great anticipation.

And finally, the opinion of one of the experts from the automotive industry: “I had the pleasure of spending a few minutes with this article and I must admit that the first impression is positive. Details come out after hours and days of use, but to begin with, it is a word just one: good. In two words: very good, wrote Paweł Grabarczyk.

You can find more photos from the premiere in the gallery below the article.

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