New coffee shop Jazz Shepherd offers ‘urban chic’ in Elgin, Minn.

New coffee shop Jazz Shepherd offers ‘urban chic’ in Elgin, Minn.

In Elgin, Minn., a new coffee shop is providing an infusion of “urban chic” to the area’s dining scene. Jazz Shepherd, which opened in February, is a haven for those seeking a sophisticated, yet comfortable, atmosphere.

The shop, located in an old auto shop, offers patrons a modern, industrial setting with exposed brick walls, an open ceiling, and a variety of seating options. The menu features a variety of coffee drinks, as well as specialty tea, smoothies, and pastries.

“We wanted to create a space that was inviting and comfortable for our customers,” said owner Bill Smith. “We want them to feel like they can come in, relax, and enjoy great coffee and food.”

The shop has also become a destination for live music, with open mic nights and jazz performances. Smith said the music adds to the “urban chic” vibe, and has helped draw in customers.

“The music adds a unique element to the shop,” Smith said. “It creates a great atmosphere and people really seem to enjoy it.”

Jazz Shepherd has quickly become a popular spot in Elgin, offering an atmosphere that stands out from the area’s other restaurants and coffee shops. Its unique menu, inviting atmosphere, and live music all contribute to its distinct “urban chic” appeal.