new comedy series hours after the first game

new comedy series hours after the first game

Ahead of the January 26 reveal, Audi has released a new batch of teasers for the upcoming concept Audi Activesphere, with new photos and a video to get us excited about the fourth and final concept. After getting our first look at what appears to be a stylish four-seater off-road vehicle back in August of last year, we now have clear images of some of the details. It is defined by Audi as a car that “will redefine the driving experience”we have no doubt that the concept will have a wheel drive, perhaps in the form of two electric motors.

Audi has released a new set of teasers for the upcoming Audi Activesphere concept

Given that previous teasers featured off-road tires and body curves, this makes sense. But Audi has not yet revealed all the technical information and is opening the curtains first of its structure. This includes a large rear window – which appears to be fully extended – above the full-width rear lights which appear to incorporate OLED pixel information in the base groups. This design feature is replicated in narrow light fixtures.

This detail continues inside the cabinet in which it is modeled square steering wheel and minimal decoration and no instrument cluster is visible. This is possible because the Audi Activesphere will boast a certain standard driving freely, which was a basic feature of other Audi concepts in this series. The red color on the steering wheel pales in comparison to the streak of red upholstery seen in the background of another photo that chooses to feature rear-view cameras instead of standard rear-view mirrors.

Audi describes this new concept as “offering maximum freedom. It is the perfect partner for outdoor adventures: whether it’s water sports, skiing, golf or challenging mountain roads, the active field concept offers even greater diversity for all activities”.

None of the sphere concepts are intended for production, but the Audi Activesphere could be a preview of what Audi has in mind for Audi A6 Roadster when it becomes electric in the A6 e-tron.

Audi Activesphere

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