New Cupra Terramar VZ5 2024: Delivery Overview

New Cupra Terramar VZ5 2024: Delivery Overview

New Cupra Terramar VZ5 is ready to premiere with many shows.

Cupra is likely planning to develop a high-performance variant in order to showcase its position in the market. To achieve this, it is expected that they will utilize a 5-cylinder engine sourced from Audi. This engine may be produced at the Wolfsburg plant, which has higher production capacity compared to the Volkswagen Tiguan, Cupra’s closely related counterpart.

The upcoming Cupra Terramar is anticipated to separate itself from the assembly line of the Audi Q3, which is another vehicle within the Volkswagen Group that shares similarities with the Tiguan. Production of the first models of the Cupra Terramar is set to take place at the Győr plant in Hungary, with the launch expected in 2024.

The Volkswagen Group has shown a willingness to rebrand its mainstream models as premium vehicles, and the success of the Audi Q3, which is based on the Volkswagen Tiguan, has inspired Cupra to create the Terramar using a similar approach.

A render of the upcoming Cupra Terramar VZ5’s design has been featured on the cover of

The new Cupra Terramar VZ5 is expected to offer a significant amount of horsepower. It is likely to feature engines with outputs reaching around 400 horsepower, primarily utilizing the 5-cylinder engine from the Audi RS Q3. However, to maintain the hierarchy within the German group, the power level of the Terramar VZ5 may be slightly reduced to around 390 horsepower.

Compared to the current Volkswagen Tiguan, the new Cupra Terramar will incorporate advanced technology. This is to be expected, as it will be based on the latest version of the MQB platform, which will also be utilized in the upcoming Tiguan. The Terramar will have enhanced electrification capabilities and is set to offer a plug-in hybrid system that can achieve an electric-only range of nearly 100 kilometers.

In addition to the high-performance models, the new Cupra Terramar VZ5 will also be available with more conventional engines to cater to a broader audience. Following the example set by the Formentor, which gained popularity for its attractive design and powerful engines, the Terramar VZ5 will likely offer options that start from around 150 horsepower, appealing to a wider range of customers.

If all goes according to plan, the new Cupra Terramar VZ5 is expected to be launched in the market in 2024.