New Dacia Duster 1.0 LPG according to the owner: “a quick and impulse buy, but a good decision” |

New Dacia Duster 1.0 LPG according to the owner: “a quick and impulse buy, but a good decision” |

Buying a car is an important decision, often dictated by common sense and focusing on what is more profitable for us. The opinions of other owners and your own experience with a test car at the dealer will help you choose. Sometimes it is a feeling and a feeling that this is the right choice. Tomasz decided to buy a new Dacia Duster on impulse and after the first drive he was convinced that it was a good choice. Read on.

Dacia Duster is my fifteenth car in my life, but only now I had the opportunity to buy a brand new model. Just 2 months ago, I didn’t think I would choose a car straight from the showroom, and certainly not a Dacia. I made a decision on impulse – or more precisely, a small technical problem with my Skoda Octavia II, which unfortunately gave up after 11 years of operation and more than 300,000 kilometers on the odometer.

First of all, I wanted to buy an Octavia IV, I also considered a Toyota Corolla, but the Duster had one inescapable advantage – LPG installation. Another argument in favor of Dacia was the price. It cannot be denied that for a Skoda or Toyota with the same equipment I would have to pay about several thousand zlotys more. I took a test drive of both models and decided that… it’s a shame to overpay in the showroom and at the gas station 😉 Dacia Duster convinced me so much that I didn’t even take a test drive. I just walked into the dealership one afternoon in June and ordered one.

Configure the new Dacia Duster

First time behind the wheel of Dacia

It may seem strange, but the day I took the car from the showroom, I sat behind the wheel of Dacia Duster for the first time. So far, I haven’t had the opportunity to drive this model at all. I didn’t feel the need. I decided that Dacia’s proposal was so profitable that I didn’t need it 😉

And the first kilometers behind the wheel of Duster confirmed this belief. The car offers a good driving position – which is not obvious considering my height – I am 1.93 cm tall. The engine, although 3 cylinders, sounds very pleasant to the ear – something like a V6, with only 3 cylinders 😉 Duster accelerates very quickly. Of course, given its dimensions, it is difficult to expect a driving experience similar to that of a sports car, but it is sufficient for normal driving.

The interior finish itself is quite beautiful. You will not feel at all that we are dealing with a budget brand. Intuitive operation is another advantage. Dacia Duster is a completely analog car. Instead of a virtual cockpit, it has a regular clock and knobs instead of a tablet, and that works for me. There is so much space in the closet. I’m curious what it will be like after installing the child seats in the back seat, but so far it looks great.

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Dacia Duster for daily use and for holiday escapades

Duster will serve our 2+2 family hard. Every day I travel about 60 km a day, and on weekends and holidays we go on short and long trips as a family. Next year’s holiday plans include Serbia and Greece. I plan to cover about 30,000 km per year in the Duster – hence the decision to buy the car with LPG. Dacia will soon undergo its baptism of fire on the road. Tied to the roof, it will take us to Hungary.

In summary, the Dacia Duster was a quick and hasty purchase, but I feel it was a good decision.

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