New Dacia Duster 2024. Strong, Stable, Hybrid and 4×4

New Dacia Duster 2024. Strong, Stable, Hybrid and 4×4

The new Dacia Duster, which will arrive in two years, is 99 percent complete. However, the producer must make a number of crucial judgments, particularly those concerning the 4×4 vehicle.

Dacia is well aware that the Duster model contributed significantly to the company’s success. This automobile is quite popular wherever it is offered. The reasons why customers buy Duster are, above all, its fashionable appearance, high ground clearance, outstanding price/performance ratio, good usability, and cheap ownership cost.

Customers devoted to the Dacia Duster

One of the most startling aspects of Dacia is the issue of client loyalty. People who purchased a new Duster, Sandero, Logan, or Lodgy a few years ago are returning to this brand, despite the fact that it is not the most exciting. Some even trade in their 3-5-year-old vehicles for a Dacia Duster.

Dacia Duster Estate 1.3 tce 150 Expression 5dr edc - 2

This topic is intriguing because we are discussing inexpensive automobiles. However, the degree of trust is very strong, which is corroborated by our talks with sellers from Dacia showrooms and. research undertaken by the brand, among others in France.

Customers see the shortcomings of Duster and Dacia as such but accept them as such. And it replaces the term inexpensive with the correct sentence. Good price has good fuel economy and is a good vehicle.

A hybrid non-electric Duster

Dacia has also stated categorically that it has no plans to electrify its European lineup. It stimulates the drives and installation of industrial gas, which, according to the company, is advantageous for both customers and the environment because of its low CO2 emissions.

Autogas is a very compelling reason for the purchase of a Dacia nowadays, as rising fuel prices place a significant strain on household and business budgets. Gas is twice as affordable as gasoline and diesel. Dacia will only introduce a hybrid vehicle.

Duster with LPG is the starting point.

Dacia’s current lineup includes the Duster with 1.0 TCE 90 HP, 1.0 ECO-G LPG 100 HP, 1.3 TCE petrol 130 and 150 HP, and 1.5 dCi diesel 115 HP. The availability of the latter two engines with a 44 makes the Duster an excellent off-road vehicle and a key selling factor.

It is vital to remember that the entire modification sector, including body lifts and off-road equipment, has grown based on the Duster. In Poland, the autogas-powered 1.0 ECO-G 100 KM model is the most popular. This vehicle has been subjected to extensive testing, with a focus on its inexpensive cost and adequate performance for its little engine.

Dacia Duster 4×4 or 4x4e?

When creating the newest generation of the Dacia Duster for 2024, Dacia must take into account the aforementioned factors. A few weeks ago, there were still discussions within the firm about replacing the conventional 4×4 with an electric version. In this variation, instead of the drive located on the back axle, there will be an electric motor, controlled by the traction computer.

We are unaware of the decision’s specifics, but it will undoubtedly affect how this model is seen. Will accountants win with their tables, or will common sense and the desire to extend 4 4 prevail? That remains to be seen. Dacia is also contemplating the future of its partnership with Nissan, which is among the numerous variables influencing this choice.

Dacia Duster Estate 1.3 tce 150 Expression 5dr edc - 10

What is the mix? 145 horsepower vs. more

It is almost certain that the Dacia Duster will receive an E-tech hybrid with 145 horsepower. This is a natural consequence of the 2023 launch of the Dacia Jogger. However, designers have higher expectations and want something larger, making it tough to reject variations with greater power. There are currently clients who are eager to purchase the 150-horsepower version, so their next Duster will be more powerful.

The new Duster should have the following drivers:

  • 1.0 TCe 90 KM or its successor KM 100,
  • 1.0 ECO-G LPG 100 HP or 110 HP (Dacia is working on a more powerful version of the automatic gas),
  • 1.6 E-Tech 145 HP Hybrid or the new 1.2 E-Tech 130 HP Hybrid,
  • more powerful hybrid 150-160 hp?

And it is evident that diesel will no longer be available.

Goodbye diesel. Diesel is not for Duster

The new Dacia Duster will not be powered by diesel. Due to changing emissions regulations and a desire to cut production costs, this product is being phased out of the lineup and will no longer be available. The hybrid will replace the diesel. Diesel engines continue in the manufacturer’s version of delivery vehicles, but only temporarily.

The new Duster generation

When designing the Duster, Dacia also considers the preferences of new customers, as it is dependent on them. Wood and leather cannot be expected, but fashionable materials can be found in the current selection. The rapid adoption of Android Auto and wireless Apple Car Play was a strategy that startled the competition. Dacia surpassed its competitors because it grasped an apparent truth: cell phones are the focal point of our lives today. The new Duster should be better equipped, cheaper to produce, and beneficial to younger customers.

Today The 2017 Dacia Duster starts at PLN 67,800 on the price list. It remains a sensible and economical solution.

Farmyard escapades and escape with the horse Duster

Dacia focuses on two parties: reliability and adventure. The drawing above the article, which was created by Auto Plus, does not depict the final body design. However, it clearly demonstrates the manufacturer’s goal. Dacia Duster should be identified as a sturdy, dependable automobile.

This strategy is extremely clever because it always succeeds. The maker adds a sense of adventure to soften or eliminate the image of the budget brand and replace it with the desire to discover something outside of the established norms. So, such ideas did the Adventurer Dacia have (Adventure Explorer)?

New Duster in 2024

The redesigned Dacia Duster will debut in 2024. Until then, we have only the rendering and the above leak from the design office, which has a difficult existence. The pressure to develop a superior proposal to the current paradigm is intense, and managers have high expectations. There are also client expectations, which the Dacia Bigster substantially heightened. Everything will be obvious in two years.