New Dacia Jogger for only PLN 25 per day?  – – Automotive Magazine

New Dacia Jogger for only PLN 25 per day? – – Automotive Magazine

Dacia is promoting the Jogger as the most affordable family model on the market. In order to show customers how low the cost is, the Romanian brand advises that 5 euros per day is enough.

The promotion of the Dacia brand is based on the customer’s belief that with a small budget, we can be the owners of a new, attractive car that can carry the whole family. The price is very competitive, especially when we know the financing option and monthly installments. The Spanish branch of Dacia has gone further by announcing that only 5 euros a day is enough to buy a Jogger, which is an amount that can easily disappear in the chain of daily expenses. If we want the 7-seater version, we will pay 1 euro more, of course excluding additional costs including financing.

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With our own contribution of 1,287.62 euros, we will pay 36 monthly installments of 150 euros, which is only 5 euros per day. On top of that, there is also a final installment of EUR 10,141. In total, the new Dacia Jogger will cost 16,000 euros.

On the Polish market, we can buy the Jogger for PLN 69,900 in the 5-seater version or for PLN 73,900 if we want the 7-seater interior. Under the hood of the base model there is a 1-liter gasoline engine and an LPG system that provides 100 Power HP.

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An example of a financing option is PLN 592 / month, ie, following the above plan, less than PLN 20 per day for 61 months. The contribution itself is PLN 16,900 and the final fee is PLN 35,649, but for website Dacia can also calculate other financing options.

The new model can already be seen in Polish retailers.

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