New Dacia Spring with PRICE from PLN 76,900.  We returned to the level from 2021 (and the editorial office was wrong by only PLN 100 :))

New Dacia Spring with PRICE from PLN 76,900. We returned to the level from 2021 (and the editorial office was wrong by only PLN 100 :))

Dacia has announced the prices of the Dacia Spring after the facelift. The car costs the same as it should have paid when it entered the market in 2021, i.e. PLN 76,900. Since the electric train has not completely changed, I think we can dare to say that the prices of electric cars have passed the domestic maximum and have started to decline slowly. Because after taking inflation into account, the price of Dacia Spring should be around PLN 100,000 today.

Dacia Spring price list that announces success

We have already said it in the introduction and we must repeat it: the price of Dacia Spring at the level of the one presented to us in 2021 is good news. Despite the inflation, the car did not increase in price, which means that the manufacturer was able to increase the model, and perhaps the economy of scale also worked. We predicted this a year ago when we said that electric cars would be cheaper than combustion cars for the same reason they are more expensive today.

New price:

  • Dacia Spring Electric 45equipment Important – PLN 76,900 (this is the only version with a weak engine);
  • Dacia Spring Electric 65equipment Express yourself (Important < Expression) - PLN 86,000,
  • equipment Extreme (Details < Extreme) - PLN 90,600,
  • Dacia Spring Electric 65 Cargo (2 parts) – PLN 92,400.

The cost of purchasing a model can be further reduced by using funds from the “My Electrician” program. But it is worth hurrying, because at the current rate it will end before the second half of 2024.

Technical data and interesting facts based on it – no more white ads

As we have written many times, the new Dacia Spring is available with one battery of ability 26,8 (~25) kWh with a powerful engine of 33 kW/45 HP or 48/65 kW. Finally we met too official WLTP range of modelswhich is 225 units for version Electricity 45 i 228 units by dialect Electricity 65 and Cargo. This is very surprising, usually the most powerful engines are given a weak range, so it is worth checking their detailed parameters – and then everything will be clear. Well:

  • The weaker engine from the Electric 45 model has a power of 33 kW/45 HP in the range of 2,521-8,200 rpm and 125 Nm from zero to 2,521 rpm,
  • the most powerful engine from the Electric 65 model has 48 kW/65 HP of power in the range of 4,057-6,000 rpm and 113 Nm from, remember, 500 to 4,057 rpm.

The low torque of a “stronger” motor can come from fewer windings, fewer permanent magnets, or lower currents. All of this can translate into lower power consumption (=better range) if the operating range is strictly defined. At the same time Dacia Spring Electric 65 is still faster than Electric 45because the maximum torque – the force with which the wheels push the surface – is stored for a long time.

The rated voltage of the pack is 267 V, so don’t expect miracles with a “fast” charger. For direct current, the manufacturer says that 30 kW is enough for him and that filling from 20 (not “10”) to 80 percent will take about 45 minutes. Dacia is also proud of its weight: it is the only electric car on the European market that weighs less than 1 ton, precisely 934-967 kg depending on the version (GVM = 1,315 tons).

The new spring has a trunk in front (frunk), small, but should be enough for cable/”bricks”. The press photos of the car, despite the name, were taken in summer style 😉 Orders for the model can be placed from Wednesday, April 17, the first copies will be available for collection in September 2024.

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