New DS 7 Crossback 2023 FL – still the avant-garde of premium motoring, but there will be no revolution |

New DS 7 Crossback 2023 FL – still the avant-garde of premium motoring, but there will be no revolution |

The DS 7 Crossback is the best selling car from DS Automobiles. French luxury SUVs with the DS badge are very popular in Europe. After several years of the current model’s presence on the market, it was time for a face lift. What will change in the new model and when will we see it in showrooms?

DS 7 Crossback is a unique car, on the border between classes. It’s priced slightly higher than premium subcompact models, such as the BMW X1, but its size already suggests a move into the upper class. This is one of the reasons why customers are very eager to choose this SUV. The exterior design is understated, even classic, but it has several attractive features. These are basic lights that do a kind of dance when turned on, well-designed taillights, graphics on the hood and, finally, integrated rails. However, you can feel the avant-garde spirit inside. You can see the attention to the smallest details, there are high quality materials like leather and steel, hand finishing and big screen. Suffice it to say that for several months we have had the DS 7 Crossback in our editorial office, which we always enjoy entering – pampers the luxury interior for drivers and passengers.

Currently, the price of DS 7 Crossback starts around PLN 180,000. The car can be ordered in the selected configuration or check the availability of new models in the online store. The situation for direct purchase may be different, as most of the cars available in Poland have been sold, and at the time of writing this article there were only a few cars available.

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The current model has been on the market since 2017, so it’s time for a facelift. DS 7 Crossback FL should appear in showrooms next year, and it is also possible that we will see its final appearance at the end of 2022. Because the revolution, at least externally, is not expected. The photos of the hidden cars that appeared on the Internet show that the new version of the popular premium SUV will get a new front and rear. We can expect a new generation of LED lights, a new design on the tailgate and, of course, a new grille. Perhaps changes will also be seen in the hood. The silhouette will remain unchanged and that is good news because, as I mentioned above, it is typical and universal for the SUV segment.

We will definitely see changes inside. There will probably be the latest version of the multimedia system, already known from the DS 4, including touch control from the central tunnel and new versions of the automatic systems and night vision in high quality. We will probably see a HUD displayed on the windshield, new materials and design, maybe some major revisions to the dashboard and equipment options. Much of this can be concluded from a leak from DS Automobiles. Are there any surprises coming up? This cannot be ruled out.

Drives will be dominated by hybrids, including mild ones, and diesels may disappear from the offer.

The new DS 7 Crossback FL will be an avant-garde evolution rather than a revolution. Considering how successful the current model is, that’s a good thing. We can’t wait!

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