New electric car from Spain.  We know the name and date of sale

New electric car from Spain. We know the name and date of sale

The manufacturer from Martorell announced its new concept to the public at Automobile Barcelona 2023. The model, previously presented as the UrbanRebel, is now changing its name.

On the first day of the motor show, Wayne Griffiths, CEO of the SEAT and CUPRA brands, confirmed the name of the new electric city car – CUPRA Raval. The model’s name is a tribute to the Raval district, located in the center of Barcelona.

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Cupra will invest EUR 3 billion in the transformation of the Spanish plant, which until now has been largely converted to the production of combustion vehicles. In this way, the manufacturer wants to bring closer to the success of its goal, which is full electrification and the exclusive production of electric vehicles from 2025 based on the MEB Small platform of the Volkswagen Group.

Considering the needs of Generation Z and future generations of customers, the interior will be characterized by e-sports aesthetics. All thanks to the enhanced parametric design and the use of internal lighting that combines the character of sports with the culture of gaming. The Spanish manufacturer, inspired by professional e-sports chairs, created yellow and green chairs made using 3D technology.

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We have to wait for the actual technical data. It is known that Cupra intends to introduce the car to the market in 2025.

Previously, CUPRA also presented the CUPRA Tavascan at Automobile Barcelona, ​​​​​​​​​​​the first 100% electric SUV. The premiere of this year’s crossover took place on April 21 in Berlin.

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