New electric, SUV and development center in China.  Lotus revealed details of the deal

New electric, SUV and development center in China. Lotus revealed details of the deal

The transformation of Lotus into a powerful producer of electric sports cars has been known for some time. Now, however, the Chinese-controlled brand has betrayed special plans for the coming years.

The first novel is the creation of a new division of Lotus Technology, the focus of which will be the development of batteries, engine electronics, control systems, intelligent driving systems and productivity optimization. For this purpose, a development center in China will be built, which it will be ready in 2024.

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However, it will not be the only building in the Middle Kingdom related to the Lotus. Later this year in Wuhan the new factory should be completedwhere electric lotuses will be produced on a large scale. In addition, the plant will be the first in the world to have an integrated, intelligent test. What does it mean? Cars will be able to move freely between the track and the plant, thanks to the autonomous systems. The factory is finally leaving 150 thousand cars per year.

And what exactly? Lotus also revealed a few details about the 4 new electricians, who are supposed to complete a variety of brand models by 2026 as part of the Vision80 strategy, the final of which is set to celebrate the 80th anniversary of its creation in 2028. For the first electrician of the Englishman – Evija – E-segment SUVs will be the first.

A view of the Lotus Technology factory in China

The first design match with the local name Type 132 will be held in 2022. A year later, a 4-door coupe (Type 133) will also be added, and in 2025 – another SUV, this time in the D segment with the name Type 134. A true example of sports (Type 135) in 2026. In addition, Lotus is aiming for the development of a new strategy for intelligence. It will help the driver on the track in achieving the results that the drivers deserve System 1while raising the bar security.

All cars should be based on the new platforms from the recently announced Lotus Premium family with rotating wheels. between 2889 and 3110 mm. They will be on board battery of ability from 92 to even 120 kWhand fast charging should be ensured by a high-speed charging system with a voltage of 800 V. Lotus says that cars built on these components will accelerate to a hundred in time, even less than 3 seconds.

Such changes are a milestone in the 73-year history of Lotuswhich, after all, is associated with simple, light and, above all, combustion structures. This will change in the coming years, but most people will not like this turn of events. However, if you look at how Geely spread the wings of Volvo (contrary to the announcements of Internet “experts”, The British brand has a very good chance of success. Meanwhile, the original plant in Norfolk, which will also develop and develop sports models, as well as coordinate international car sales, has not been forgotten.

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