New Fiat 600, interior view

New Fiat 600, interior view

The arrival of the new Fiat 600 is no longer a secret. The new style of the Italian brand has in fact already been seen revealed several times, with the car being the protagonist during a series of images preparing for the launch videos and advertisements that we will see in the following first official weeks.

Fiat 600 interior

So there is no more concealment but a bodywork without any cover that has managed to prove different and related to the existing cars in the Fiat range, especially the 500X and the 500 electric. In the last few hours we have also been able to see the interior of the new model of the Italian brand thanks to Olivier François, CEO of the brand who published on his Instagram profile several “behind the scenes” stories that he took. car and especially the interior. The video is very quick but you can see the seats with the “600” logo emblazoned on the headrests and the dashboard area, and the hanging display that should be 10.25″ and the round digital cluster behind the steering wheel. Information that therefore confirms what has been released in recent months about the characteristics of the interior of the new Fiat 600.

Fiat 600 will arrive from Poland

Fiat’s small SUV will debut alongside the Jeep Avenger as well as Alfa Romeo’s new all-wheel drive model at the Polish plant in Tychy. The new Fiat 600 will in fact be the first example of the Turin brand to use the internal integration of the Stellantis group: from the ground up, given that the new model will be born on the STLA Sub-platform that will help give it life. new contract. The architecture that has combined the CMP and the E-CMP2 will therefore allow a wider range in terms of engines.

Fiat 600 engines

The architecture of the platform will therefore allow for different versions and as done with the Avenger, endothermic options should also be confirmed for the new Fiat B-SUV. So the engine offered should include a 156 hp power train with at least 400 km mileage and probably new. 1.2 mini hybrid with 136 HP. The presence of a 101 hp 1.0 petrol unit and another MHEV unit, 131 hp 1.5 T4 with a direct 7-speed DCT gearbox cannot be ruled out.