New Fiat 600 VS Fiat 500X: Challenge in the city

New Fiat 600 VS Fiat 500X: Challenge in the city

On July 4, Fiat will introduce the compact SUV named the Fiat 600, bearing a striking resemblance to the well-known 500X. Curious minds inquire about the differences between these two models.

Surprisingly, the Fiat 600 SUV was not initially part of Fiat’s plans. However, when the car was spotted in a commercial shoot with its top down, it garnered widespread attention from onlookers and passers-by. This inadvertent exposure prompted the Italian automaker to release the commercial ahead of schedule, alongside the first official photos of the highly anticipated Fiat 600.

While awaiting the official announcement and complete specifications, it is natural to question why Fiat did not choose to label it the 500X, considering the striking similarities between the two models. Will the Fiat 600 replace or complement the 500X? The answer lies ahead.

Speculation arose suggesting that the Fiat 600 might be closely related to the Jeep Avenger, which recently won the prestigious Car of the Year 2023 award. This notion appears to hold true as the Fiat 600, akin to the Avenger, is expected to be exclusively available as an all-electric vehicle. How can we infer this?

In Fiat’s press release, where videos and photos are showcased, the Turin-based automaker officially refers to its new offering as the 600 e. The “e” suffix aligns it with the 500e, denoting zero-emission capabilities. Hence, it is highly probable that the Fiat 600 SUV, like the Avenger (although the latter is available in combustion engine variants in other markets), will solely be equipped with a 100% electric powertrain.

When the transition to electric power occurs, the Fiat 500X may coexist with the Fiat 600. The conventional combustion engine variant of the Fiat 500, which has been on the market since 2007 and received a minor redesign in 2015, remains available. Additionally, in terms of sporty Abarth models, the recently launched 500e, which is electric, has not rendered the combustion engine-based 500 obsolete. However, it is worth noting that only one version, the 695 with a 180 HP engine, is presently offered.

While Fiat has never officially confirmed that the Fiat 600 is derived from the Jeep Avenger, several factors lead us to believe so. In late 2020, just before merging with Stellantis, the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group announced plans to modernize the Tichy plant in Poland, where Fiat 500 and Lancia Ypsilon models are manufactured, to produce three small electric SUVs.

These models cater to the B-segment (urban SUVs) for Alfa Romeo, Fiat, and Jeep. Since the Avenger is produced there, it logically follows that the electric Fiat 600e would be one of these three models. The sporty Alfa Romeo variant’s stylistic elements remain undisclosed, but its marketing campaign has already commenced. Internet users had the privilege of choosing the model’s name, which will no longer be Brennero.

In terms of size and design, this could be the most significant distinction between the Fiat 500X and the Fiat 600, as it is possible that the latter’s well-known attributes have not been extensively developed. The Jeep Avenger measures at 4.08 meters in height compared to the 500X’s 4.26 meters. At first glance, one might assume that the 600e aligns more closely with the former in terms of dimensions.

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The dashboard shares some similarities with the American model, particularly the centrally positioned touchscreen. From an economic standpoint, it is plausible that the two models are essentially the same car, albeit with a distinct Fiat appearance.

Nevertheless, it is important not to make definitive claims in this regard. Although it would make economic sense, considering shared platforms, if the electric Fiat 600 is based on the Avenger, it is also conceivable that it draws inspiration from the Peugeot 2008, which boasts a taller profile measuring 4.30 meters. Regardless, even without direct exposure, it is reasonable to anticipate that the Fiat 600 will resemble the 500X more than it may appear. Official confirmation will be forthcoming.