New Fiat Panda 2024, the new model will be like this?  The right mix between the 80s and modern

New Fiat Panda 2024, the new model will be like this? The right mix between the 80s and modern

It’s almost here New Fiat Panda 2024. The red mark on the calendar is July 11, when the first fully electric Panda will be unveiled to the world.

So it will be a true revolution for the city car that has been circulating on our roads since 1980, born from the idea of ​​the genius Giorgetto Giugiaro, and which has never left us, reaching the latest evolution, the Fiat Pandina, the most technological and intelligent ever.

The next step will be to descend in the world of electricity with the aim of making green areas more democratic thanks to the available price. A car that will therefore continue to be cost-effective despite the zero-emission engine.

The new Fiat Panda 2024 will be the twin of the Citroen e-C3, officially launched last October, and which boasts a battery of 320 kilometers and a very attractive starting price, less than 25 thousand euros. Currently it represents perhaps better compromise for those looking for a green car without many frills to be used especially in the city or town, and the Fiat Panda will follow that philosophy, but adding that classic Italian design which we are sure will win over the citizens.

To get an idea of ​​how it can be, let’s take help from the diagrams Lars O Saeltzer, which attempted to reconstruct the 2024 electric Panda based on concepts and rumors that have emerged in recent weeks. You can find results on this page, similar car perfect mix between the first Panda mentioned above from 1980, therefore with a very square nose, and at the same time a modern design, as revealed in 2019 by the concept. One hundred and twenty.

The hope is to be able to see forklifts in the next few weeks, as we approach July, but so far they have been Fiat. very good at hiding any traces: we have to wait patiently.