New Fiat Panda, 600, Topolino and Tipo: the latest news

New Fiat Panda, 600, Topolino and Tipo: the latest news

New Fiat Panda, 600, Topolino and Tipo it will be the next innovation that will complement the current range of the leading Italian car manufacturer separately Fiat 500 electric. The first to arrive will be The new Fiat 600 which will start in the coming months. It is said that deliveries could take place as early as next spring with production starting in the summer with the first deliveries in the fall. It will be a compact SUV about 4.1m in length that will be built on it CMP platform it will have heat and also 100 percent electricity versions. Its production will take place in Tychy in Poland.

The new Fiat Panda, 600, Topolino and Tipo will be new things for the next three years for the main Italian manufacturer.

Next will be the turn of New Fiat Topolino which according to the latest rumors will be already ready. The car will be a Fiat version of the Citroen Ami but with a canvas roof and Fiat badge. The selected production site is the Stellantis plant in Kenitra in Morocco. So, the Fiat Topolino is preparing to make a comeback as an electric scooter that can be driven over the age of 14.

In 2024 we will see for the first time the new Fiat Panda which will most likely be built in Kragujevac in Serbia in CMP platform and in style close to that of a concept car Fiat Centoventi shown at the Geneva Motor Show 2019. The car will be about 4 meters long. In its range there will be not only a 100 percent electric version but most likely also gasoline and hybrids. The new Fiat Panda will be around for a while with the current model which will continue to be manufactured in Pomigliano. until the end of 2026.

New Fiat Panda: in the version of Tommaso D’Amico

In 2025, however, it will be the turn for the successor to the Fiat Tipo which can also have a different name and be called New Fiat Multipla. The car will return as a sui generis SUV and will be manufactured in Turkey in Bursa. The car will have a Citroen twin, namely the new C5 Aircross.

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