New fines fines.  Here are the biggest tickets awarded this year

New fines fines. Here are the biggest tickets awarded this year

The new fines significantly increased the penalties for minor offences. The revised regulations not only made it possible to impose higher fines by the courts, but also increased the amount of fines issued by police officers. Officers use their new powers without hesitation, and some drivers seem to ignore any warnings.

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Perhaps the biggest authority in the history of Polish road law was given to a moped driver from Olsztyn.

A 37-year-old man drove against the flow on a one-way road, and then saw a car on the other side and tried to avoid a collision with it, overturning his two wheels. Police from the Olsztyn traffic police were quickly dispatched to the scene, and the motorcycle driver’s breathalyzer test showed that his body was more than 1.5 per mille. In addition, it turned out that the car that was moving was not approved for traffic. He also did not have mandatory insurance.

For not following the “no entry” sign, the police imposed a fine of … PLN 5,000 on a 37-year-old. For driving a car that is not authorized for traffic, the driver received another fine in the amount of PLN 1,500. The road collision “cost” 3000 zlotys.

In total, the man was fined PLN 9,500 for several traffic offenses.

An equally heavy punishment was given to the 28-year-old Porsche owner, who refused to signal the car driver during his crazy drive on the streets of Pszczyna.

The trip was recorded by an on-board webcam by another driver who reported the offense to the Pszczyna County Police Headquarters. The Porsche driver first crossed the red light at the intersection of Hallera Road, ignoring the signs indicating the direction of travel from individual lanes, and then, again, ignoring the direction of travel from the traffic light, almost causing a collision with another car.

The prescribed fine of PLN 8,000 is the maximum fine provided by the regulations for the owner’s failure to comply with the obligation to show to whom he entrusted his vehicle. Interestingly, the maximum amount of this order was changed at the last minute, the new tax initially assumed that the limit would be PLN 30,000.

Of course, one of the drivers from Pomerania can be proud of one of the biggest tickets issued this year. The collection meant that he had to pay PLN 6,500, which was more than the value of his car.

The police who were called to the report found that the driver of the Renault Megane did not adjust the speed according to the traffic conditions, as a result he lost control of the vehicle and ran into a ditch. Although no one was injured, a field sobriety test showed that the 50-year-old man had more than 1.5 per mille of alcohol in his system. When checking the documents, it also came out that the car was not allowed for traffic.

In this case, the police immediately punished the person with two fines for a total of PLN 6,500. In addition, driving under the influence of alcohol is punishable by 2 years in prison and loss of driving license for at least 3 years.

A similar amount, although slightly lower, was awarded to a driver who did not stop at a red light in Modlińska Street in Warsaw in April this year. The man not only ignored the light signal, but also avoided all the cars and decided to continue driving on the road.

The whole incident was observed by the police of the Speed ​​group, who were driving an unmarked police car during their service. They recorded the man’s ridiculous and dangerous adventures on a car recorder.

As the Warsaw Police Headquarters informed – the young driver was fined PLN 5,000 for his inappropriate behavior.

The Lamborghini driver, who recently drove the S7 highway at a speed of up to 260 km / h, can be proud of a slightly lower penalty. The man was so engrossed in the possibilities of the Italian supercar that he didn’t even see time to take the road patrol of the Speed ​​group.

The police quickly chased the highway robber, but despite the lights and sound signals being activated, the Lamborghini driver didn’t even think to slow down. Fortunately, the “main steering wheel” finally looked in the mirror and stopped the car for inspection.

Police are not saying how the 45-year-old Miechów resident described his journey. For the offense he committed, he was fined PLN 2,500, and 10 penalty points were added to his account.

Passing in the prohibited area is also among the offenses for which heavy fines are issued. A Ford passenger driver, who was fined PLN 1,500 in May this year, found out about it.

The man was stopped after he started to cross “double continuous” at the pedestrian crossing in Harbutowice (Małopolskie) and, passing two cars, continued to drive in the left lane even after the pedestrian crossing.

The 44-year-old resident of the Śląskie Voivodeship, apart from the high fine, also received 10 penalty points.

In the event of the text above, it is worth remembering the next changes to the penalty step tax, which comes into force today. With them comes the concept of “recidivism” for the most famous and, at the same time, the most dangerous mistakes. If the driver commits the same offense (from the same group) within two years, his penalty will be doubled.

The police can also give up to 15 points for one offense, and in the list of punishments there are many more things valued with a higher number of points.