New Ford Fiesta 2023, the city car will change everything (name included) and will be very interesting

New Ford Fiesta 2023, the city car will change everything (name included) and will be very interesting

Time to get back to Ford and the next model to leave the scene, at least as we know it now, is Compact Ford Fiesta city car. 2023 is actually the year it will end its race to reappear with a new look and a different name. This decision is based on reality: the Ford Fiesta is a very competitive B-segment that produces very low volumes compared to the huge investment required to develop battery-powered models.

And so it is destined to suffer the fate of some of the models that preceded it, sacrificed on the altar of profit and the limitation of environmental production. A future rate of Euro 7 will involve many additional costs and the risk of lowering rates too low. So production of the Ford Fiesta should end in the summer of 2023. But what?

What to expect from the upcoming Ford Fiesta 2023

The Ford Fiesta was appreciated as it marketed itself as a city car with good power and torque 1.0 liter EcoBoost engine. For the foreseeable future, international markets – including Italy – will not see another Fiesta in the near future, and Ford will officially discontinue the model by June 2023.

We are facing one of the older models in the Blue Oval portfolio but Ford, as we explained, Fiesta did not end without good reasons. According to rumors, Ford is working on a fully electric or battery-only model (but it’s not said) with an upgraded driving mode to address the current market demand trend. It can be a different and more compact version of Ford Pumaat a lower price than the previous model, now on sale.

There An all-electric Ford look looks very attractive, especially for early adopters and especially as more manufacturers look to compete in the EV space as more infrastructure and incentives are provided for battery-powered vehicles. FordFiesta It had tried to dress as a commuter to refuse, thanks to its Active versions, but the catalyst worked better than other automakers’ models.

What are Ford’s strategies for 2023-2024

Trying to assess the next steps of the American car manufacturer, we already know that the Ford Puma will continue its work. After all, we are ahead Ford’s best dealer in Europe. In addition to combustion engine variants with or without hybrid, an electric version will also be produced at the Craiova plant from 2024. The production site in Cologne, Germany will be converted to produce electric models based on Volkswagen’s MEB platform.

However, at least from this front, we do not know if the Fiesta format will be considered in the medium or long term among the 7 electric models proposed by Ford by 2024. Everything will depend on changes in the production costs of battery packs and on demand range of next generation electric vehiclesclosely linked to the development of charging infrastructure.