New Hilux 2024?  Toyota registers a truck that has never been seen in Brazil

New Hilux 2024? Toyota registers a truck that has never been seen in Brazil

more than the latest Yaris patent registration, Toyota do Brasil destroyed an international secret. To protect property of its models, registered a new generation of Tacoma that has not yet been released in the United States. A medium truck will be the inspiration for the new Hilux 2024.

Rumors have been suggesting for some time that Toyota would combine the next generation Hilux with the Tacoma. After all, the Hilux is a very successful international model, while the Tacoma is only offered in the North American market and figures in the middle positions in the segment. The union would help reduce production costs.

It is still not confirmed whether this will happen or not, but the registration of patents for the new Tacoma in Brazil indicates that this could be the Hilux 2024. Couple this with the fact that Toyota has already revealed electric version of this pickup truck by the time he released several electric concepts last year and you’ll find out where this story can go.

Toyota Tacoma / Hilux 2024 [INPI]


The patent makes it clear that the appearance of the new 2024 Tacoma/Hilux will follow the Tundra school. In addition, it offers an evolution compared to the previous generation of the American pickup truck. The front grille is rounded and high, accompanied by vertical air intakes below narrow headlights. The trapeze on the bumper connects the ventilation, LED light and bull’s-eye.

At the rear, the C-shaped taillights introduce a sharp line towards the wheel arches: a feature inspired by the Tundra. The bucket lid and built-in airfoil are a visual nod to the current Tacoma. Another feature of the American image that is missing from the Hilux is the well-marked wheel arches that protrude from the bodywork.

Toyota Tacoma / Hilux 2024 [INPI]
Toyota Tacoma / Hilux 2024 [INPI]

Hilux hybrid?

Information from American media shows that the new Toyota Tacoma will have a four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine with 265 hp and 42.7 kgfm of torque. The hybrid version of this engine, which is already used by Lexus and Toyota models, has versions of 340 hp and 40.8 kgfm or 366 hp and 56 kgfm.

For Brazil, it has been confirmed that this is the new generation of Toyota Hilux, not only the new Tacoma, the pickup will also have a hybrid engine. However, the star of the line will continue to be the 2.8 turbo diesel four-cylinder it uses now. It is highly likely that the 224 hp and 55 kgfm of the GR-S version will be standard across the line.

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