New Honda Civic will reduce the price of the national used sedan

New Honda Civic will reduce the price of the national used sedan

After a year off the market, the Honda Civic is back on sale. The sedan arrives from Thailand, with a hybrid engine and a rich technology package.

However, what is interesting is the price of the sedan. It is offered for R $ 245 thousand. Most of this value is due to Japanese localization as well as foreign taxes. Thus, Civic became more expensive than Chevrolet Cruze, Toyota Corolla and Volkswagen Jetta.


And if the new Civic was very salty, the trend is that used units are also following the calculation, to increase the profit of organizations and private sales.

According to the Institute of Economic Research (Fipe), the highest version of the previous generation, the Touring 1.5, from the year 2021, has a value of BRL 162,104. However, the average price of classified ads is around R$165,000.

Used Civic is not cheap

However, there are units offered above R$ 180,000, a price close to the top of the line version of the Toyota Corolla (R$ 190,000). Despite the value of a new Civic fueling the inflationary movement of used prices, experts warn that one should not overspend when filling out an ad.

“The price of a new car is only one of the criteria that defines the valuation of used cars, but it is not the only one. Especially in the case of the Civic, a car that changed its position a lot, it is no longer an internal, volume model, but it became a hybrid car, external and niche. Although there is a huge gap between the prices of Civics zero km and new cars up to two years old, we need to understand that the old National Party is entering a segment that has other rivals, and what has dominated this community for more than a decade it’s a Toyota Corolla. If a used Civic goes up too much and is more expensive than a Corolla of the same model year, it won’t sell”, he explains CEO of Mobiauto and car consultant, Sant Clair Castro Jr.

The average price of the Civic Touring in use at retail is R$ 165,000, above the Fipe reference.

That is, anyone who is interested in selling the Civic will raise the price of the sedan, in the lullaby of the new generation. But charging a price is a guarantee of keeping the car in the garage or on the sales floor.

“The new Civic should affect used prices, but very little. There will be a ceiling, which the market itself must naturally decide”, concludes Castro Jr.


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