New Hyundai HB20 2023: see prices, features and offers |  versions

New Hyundai HB20 2023: see prices, features and offers | versions

The new face of HB20 bets on horizontal lines, in the same order as that of Volkswagen Polo, which should change later this year. Initially, the hatch had triangular headlights and a large “lip” placed at the bottom, following the bumper. In the 2023 line, the headlights are rectangular, placed along the length of the first part of the bipartite grille. Arrows were placed near the fog lights.

In the background, Hyundai it has been fitted with new interactive lights, but only the ends are lit. The cut of the trunk lid has changed, as well as the rear bumper, which also receives turn signals.

Hyundai dared to look at the rear of the HB20, which brings elements of the new Tucson — Photo: Disclosure

Little has changed in the silhouette of HB20, which only received new 16-inch alloy wheels with a diamond finish in the more expensive version. Other configurations are offered with 15-inch wheels.

THE Hyundai took advantage of the change to include the names of the Cretan editions. In the 2023 line, the HB20 will be sold in configuration Emotions, comfort and The limitwith a naturally aspirated 1.0 engine 80 hp and 10.2 kgfm of torque, and a five-speed manual transmission; and comfort, platinum and Platinum Pluswith a 1.0 turbo engine 120 hp and 17.5 kgfm of torque, and manual or automatic transmissions, all with six gears.


Version Price
Sense 1.0 MT BRL 76,690
Comfort 1.0 MT BRL 79,990
Level 1.0 MT BRL 85,490
Comfort 1.0 turbo MT BRL 93,790
Comfort 1.0 turbo AT BRL 99,390
Platinum 1.0 turbo AT BRL 105,390
Platinum Plus 1.0 turbo AT BRL 114,390

As standard, all HB20 options offer six airbags (front, side and curtain), stability and traction controls, emergency brake signal and ramp start assist. The Platinum Plus version also includes a rear traffic assistant, which helps the driver when removing the vehicle from a parking space. Blind spot monitoring, fatigue detection and high dynamic beam are also specific to more expensive configurations.

Eight multimedia centers now offer connectivity to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay wirelessly. Hyundai also installed an induction mobile phone charger, hidden under the climate controls, which is digital and automatic in the Platinum and Platinum Plus versions.

The 2023 Hyundai HB20 now has a digital screen instrument panel — Photo: The Solution

options platinum and Platinum Plus They also debut a new 4.2-inch digital cluster with an integrated on-board computer and remote keyless entry system.

Launched in 2012, Hyundai HB20 completed ten years in the Brazilian market. Since its arrival, the hatch has been among the top five best-selling cars in the country, reaching its peak last year. According to Fenabrave (National Association of Automotive Distributors), Hyundai sold 86,455 units of the HB20 in 2021, surpassing the Fiat Argo (84,644) and Chevrolet Onix (73,623) by a good margin.

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