New Isuzu buses are already operating in Wrocław [GALERIA]

New Isuzu buses are already operating in Wrocław [GALERIA]

On Saturday, January 18, the first went to the streets of Wrocław Isuzu Citiport Buses. These are the vehicles of MPK’s new contractor – Mobilis. More cars of this service provider will appear in our city soon.

Currently, new buses operate on line 101, and at the beginning of February, another 12-meter Isuzu will be launched, which will be directed to the service of line 133. In turn, at the beginning of April, Mobilis will introduce. Mercedes Conecto G in service, thus reaching the full ordering of the contract.

Our fleet will have a total of 30 buses (18 Isuzu Citiport 12 meter buses and 12 Mercedes Conecto G buses). All cars will be low-floor, meet the highest emission requirements (Euro 6), equipped with air conditioning, modern authorizations with ticketing function, electronic passenger information system and monitoring. – carrier representatives announce.

New MPK contractor

Let’s remember that at the end of September last year, MPK signed an agreement with Mobilis for the provision of transport services in our city. The contract is worth about PLN 121 million and it is assumed that in 5 years, until the end of February 2025, Mobilis will transport up to 10.57 million car kilometers. For each year, this gives activity at the level of 1.7-2.1 million vehicle kilometers.

We want and will work hard to ensure that public transport in Wrocław is on time, stable, frequent, faster, cleaner and I think that here the cooperation with Mobilis will help us in this. – said in September Krzysztof Balawejderpresident of MPK Wrocław.

To handle the contracted works, the operator announced the availability of at least 30 brand new and low-floor buses – 18 12-meter vehicles (including two spares) and 12 articulated vehicles (also two as reserve).